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Published on December 15th, 2010 | by Heather


Golfing Takes On A New Swing With The SensoGlove

If you are aiming to improve your golf swing on vacation this holiday season, look no further than the “SensoGlove”:http://sensoglove.com, a digitally enhanced leather glove that actually reads your grip pressure and provides you with pointers on improving your golf game.

It seemed only fitting to try out the SensoGlove on a golf course in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona. Golf is second nature to all the transplants who hibernate in Arizona to hide from the cold. Personally, we have spent little time on “real” courses and more time on the putting putt green of mini golf. We are indeed perfect candidates for the SensoGlove.

When beginners are attempting to golf, it’s easy to incorrectly grip the club- hanging on for dear life and swinging with all your might. According to SensoGlove, this is hindering our performance- even intermediate golfers tend to make subtle mistakes that account for poor performance on the green.

The SensoGlove was comfortable and lightweight, especially for having a built-in computer. It runs on a standard watch battery that lasts approximately eighty to one hundred hours. With four sensors sewn into the glove and a LCD screen that provides audio and visual feedback, it is like having your own personal golf instructor coaching you on your swing technique from beginning to end.

We put on our SensoGlove, then held our “Pocket Radar”:http://www.trulyobscure.com/article/734/pocketradar-hand-held-speed-measurements to get a fun combination of bionically-enhanced powers. The adjustable pressure settings allow you to save the correct grip settings to memory. Our beef with that is the pressure range is a scale of one to eighteen and pressure is a very subjective topic. We get the sense that the SensoGlove can tell you what pressure you have though not necessarily what is considered the “best” for you.

We got used to our unparalleled glove giving us audio feedback when we gripped the handle too tight and even pointed out when our fingers were clasped too hard. We felt like Pavlov’s dog when we heard a beep, looked down at the computer, and learned when we needed to do to loosen our grip or tighten up. It was a process that was fairly successful- there was a vast improvement over the course of a couple days as we fine-tuned our swing.

One concern is what happens when we wear out the golf glove- but they helpfully made the computer detachable so it can be transferred to a new glove available through them directly. We might have preferred a strap with a watch of some kind instead of a fitted glove, allowing us to loan our friends the glove- but it definitely looked professional.

We were able to “purchase from Sensoglove for around $89.00″:http://www.sensoglove.com/ and, best of all, they are available in men and women’s sizes along with right and left handed. They fit true to size so order accordingly.

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