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Paradigm Mil­lenia CT: 2.1 That Sounds Like A Mil­lion Bucks

We have been dis­cussing qual­i­ty head­phones a lot these days, but haven’t talked as much about your home set­up? If you are an in­di­vid­u­al that re­quires high-end sound on the go, you’ll prob­a­bly want some­thing de­cent in your bed­room and liv­ing room as well. Get­ting the right sys­tem can be tricky, how­ev­er. How much space do you have avail­able? What is your price range? What lev­el of qual­i­ty sound are you look­ing for? And are you look­ing for some­thing for your com­put­er or for your tele­vi­sion or for your li­brary?

We’ve re­cent­ly been set­ting up and mov­ing around, shak­ing and danc­ing thanks to the Paradigm Mil­lenia CTsys­tem. This is a two speak­er set with a sep­a­rate sub­woofer in a sin­gle pack­age that al­so in­cludes a con­trol box that sort of re­places the need for a re­ceiv­er. We’ve lis­tened to a lot of speak­er sys­tems, from big-name sets to 5.1 Orbs, but this one is among the best. The man­u­fac­tur­er is well-re­gard­ed for the award-win­ning pre­de­ces­sor, the Mil­lenia One CT, and this mod­el shares quite a bit in com­mon (but runs about half the price).

Right out of the box, we were im­pressed at the build qual­i­ty- these are dense, fair­ly heavy pieces of gear, but still sur­pris­ing­ly small. At about eight inch­es tall, they’re not much big­ger than your av­er­age com­put­er speak­ers, and can eas­i­ly fit even on a desk. But the weight gives a def­i­nite clue: these bad boys pack a punch! And the sub­woofer is, of course, larg­er, at about 16 inch­es tall. In­stead of boxy, though, all three main pieces are ob­long ovals. We used the op­tion­al in­clud­ed sub­woofer cra­dle to stand it ver­ti­cal­ly, though it can be laid down as well. And the Mil­lenia CT (which stands for Com­pact The­ater) can eas­i­ly fill a large room and prob­a­bly go loud­er than you are in­ter­est­ed in hav­ing them go.

The speak­ers have a nice mod­ern look, sit­ting on stands that fea­ture ad­justable an­gles so you can set them to the per­fect di­rec­tion for op­ti­mal sound. The mag­net­i­cal­ly-at­tached grills are re­mov­able, which is the look we gen­er­al­ly pre­fer. Each of the two speak­ers con­tains du­al drivers, one small­er tweet­er and an­oth­er to han­dle the mids and bass. And it’s cer­tain­ly ca­pa­ble of be­ing an amaz­ing stand-alone sys­tem for your com­put­er (it’s even Ap­ple-ap­proved and avail­able in their stores, a rar­i­ty amongst 2.1 sys­tems). But the pow­ered sub and in­ter­face box, not co­in­ci­den­tal­ly about the size of an Ap­ple TV, mean that you can al­so con­nect it to your pro­jec­tor or tele­vi­sion for use as a home the­ater in a box or sound­bar re­place­ment sys­tem. One big ad­van­tage of the Mil­lenia CT over the Pro­fi­cient MaxTV MT2 we checked out re­cent­ly or the ZVOX sound­bar we test­ed- this one of­fers im­pres­sive sound­stag­ing, with much big­ger sound that sur­rounds a lis­ten­er. Prop­er set­up and ori­en­ta­tion is key, but a 2.1 sys­tem of­fers a lot more bang for the buck. Even the quite ex­pen­sive CEn­trance Au­dio­phile Desk­top sys­temsound­ed a bit tame in com­par­i­son, as it’s on­ly a 2.0 sys­tem, al­beit one with a true ded­i­cat­ed au­dio­phile DAC and head­phone amp.

We hooked it up to our PS3 in lieu of our re­ceiv­er, and con­nect­ed it us­ing the dig­i­tal au­dio in­put. Gam­ing, Blu-ray play­back, and mu­sic were all rich, de­tailed, of­fer­ing pin­point ac­cu­ra­cy and a re­al sense of tone miss­ing from sys­tems un­der $500. The sub­woofer shook the floor, not best­ing larg­er mod­els or quite equal­ing those with fea­tures like mi­cro­phone tun­ing, but def­i­nite­ly punch­ing way out­side of the weight class. Ex­plo­sions, es­pe­cial­ly, were im­pres­sive, and in first per­son shoot­ers like to­day’s re­lease Call of Du­ty: Black Ops 2, we loved the sounds of gun­fire, and deep or­ches­tral sounds with in­di­vid­u­al­ly-iden­ti­fi­able in­stru­ments. Each foot­step jumped out. And for those who want con­trol, you can ad­just the bass lev­el in­di­vid­u­al­ly via a knob on the con­troller box. Plus, it’s easy to con­nect your iPhone or oth­er de­vice us­ing a nor­mal head­phone aux­il­iary jack. The ca­bles are pret­ty great too, long enough for your speak­ers to spread out a bit.

The on­ly re­al neg­a­tive we saw to the Paradigm Mil­len­ia CT is the re­mote. It is the gener­ic cheap re­mote that can con­trol vol­ume, mute, pow­er, and switch be­tween the au­dio and dig­i­tal in­puts. For a high-end sys­tem like this, it would be nice to have a more so­phis­ti­cat­ed re­mote, and per­haps some ad­di­tion­al ac­tu­al con­trols on the ‘re­ceiv­er’ box it­self. Be­yond that down­side, those think­ing about it as a home the­ater sys­tem should think care­ful­ly- the in­puts and out­puts are a bit too lim­it­ed in our opin­ion, and you might be bet­ter off find­ing in­di­vid­u­al com­po­nents and find­ing or us­ing a re­ceiv­er. Of course, that’s ex­tra has­sle, like­ly ad­di­tion­al cost, and this is tru­ly a “plug and play” so­lu­tion that bal­ances great qual­i­ty, con­densed siz­ing, but re­quires some wires. A wire­less sub op­tion might have been nice, and we’re look­ing at one in the near fu­ture, but wire­less adds cost and la­ten­cy, re­duc­ing qual­i­ty.

As al­ways, if you want an amaz­ing home stereo set­up you are go­ing to make an in­vest­ment. The Paradigm Mil­le­nia CT is no ex­cep­tion to the rule. How­ev­er, if you love to get the most from your mu­sic, games, or movies, you will al­so feel like this $700 in­vest­ment is worth it. It’s worth the pric­etag, and is a gor­geous ad­di­tion to any com­put­er sys­tem or home au­dio set­up. Avail­able now, on­line and in stores.

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