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Mag­ne­tyze: Mak­ing Wire­less More Wire­less

Yep, it just hap­pened: you broke or lost or had a pet that chewed through an­oth­er of those darn charg­ing cords. Or you tripped over one! They get ev­ery­where, and get tan­gled up, and you need one for each de­vice, and

Well, we don’t have the per­fect so­lu­tion out yet. You can check out the My­Charge Bat­ter­ies I re­viewed this sum­mer for part of the so­lu­tion. But what I re­al­ly want is to keep mov­ing wire­less. I mean, in ad­di­tion to los­ing the cords, I hate try­ing to fig­ure out how to get the charg­ing cord in just right when I have al­ready turned off all the lights in my room. I need some­thing quick and easy, which is ex­act­ly what the BuQu Tech Mag­ne­tyze Mag­net­ic Charg­ing Sys­tem for iPhone 4/4S is go­ing for.

The idea be­hind the Mag­ne­tyze con­cept is that you put your smart­phone (on­ly avail­able for iPhone 4, 4S and An­droids right now) in­to a sleek case with a mag­net on the back which makes it com­pat­i­ble with all the Mag­ne­tyze ac­ces­sories. The case is ac­tu­al­ly re­al­ly cute and on­ly adds 0.16 inch­es in thick­ness and 1.12 ounces in weight to the phone (at least to the iPhone 4 that is). That’s less than most oth­er in­duc­tion charg­ing sys­tems, and though the cas­es nev­er of­fer much pro­tec­tion, at least this one doesn’t add much bulk. Once the case is in place you can quick­ly place it on the charg­ing stand and leave it to charge. No con­nect­ing wires, just let the mag­net do the work of hold­ing it in place and the stand and case do the rest. You can even use the charg­ing sta­tion as a con­nec­tor to your com­put­er if you want to do da­ta trans­fer- a def­i­nite ad­van­tage over com­peti­tors, like the sys­tem we checked out re­cent­ly, the Pow­er­Mat.

The great thing about this gad­get is how easy it is. I can just walk by and throw my phone on the charg­er with­out hav­ing to think about it. The mag­net pulls it in­to place. The an­gle of the base and stand mean that, un­like most oth­er, the phone is ac­tu­al­ly still us­able when charg­ing, and can even ro­tate 360 de­grees. When I need to leave, I can quick­ly pluck it off the stand and be on my way. The neg­a­tive is that the cov­er is need­ed, as it can get in the way of non-Mag­ne­tyze ac­ces­sories, mean­ing you will have to take it off some­times to use oth­er gad­gets with your smart­phone. Al­though, one big pos­i­tive is that you can get a larg­er Mag­ne­tyze charg­er and charge more than one phone, of dif­fer­ent kinds, all at once. This is great for fam­i­lies! And though there’s still a ca­ble, it’s a short, man­age­able one to a sol­id base in­stead of a dan­gling loose end.

Ob­vi­ous­ly this is go­ing to cost more than a reg­u­lar wired charg­er. How­ev­er, com­pared to pric­ing for a lot of iPhone ac­ces­sories, $70 is quite com­pet­i­tive. And it even comes with a di­rect-con­nect ca­ble if you don’t want to (or can’t) use the base.

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