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Published on October 23rd, 2012 | by Kira


Necomi­mi: Tak­ing Cat Ears To A New Lev­el

I am the kind of girl who wears cat ears wher­ev­er I go. Even some of my out­er­wear comes com­plete with ears, in­clud­ing a fa­vorite hat that is in­sep­a­ra­ble from me once win­ter comes. Thus, any­time there is a new prod­uct that comes with ears, my… well, I perk up.

So, when the ru­mors of the Necomi­mi Brain­wave Con­trolled Cat Ears start­ed, many friends who knew about my quirky fash­ion sense let me know about them. With my back­ground in neu­ro­science, these seemed like a pret­ty per­fect fit. To say the least, when I found out that Neu­roSky was send­ing us a pair of these re­cent­ly-re­leased adorable gad­gets, I was ex­cit­ed to try them out. In fact, pret­ty much the en­tire staff of Tru­lyNet got a chance to take turns wear­ing them when we vis­it­ed Mak­er Faire.

As ad­ver­tised, they look com­plete­ly pre­cious, and seem to be some­what re­spon­sive to one’s emo­tions. They have four main emo­tions: alert (ears up), re­laxed (ears down), re­laxed but some­what en­gaged (one ear up, one ear down), and ex­cit­ed (ears wig­gling). This works pret­ty sim­i­lar­ly to the Myn­d­play I re­viewed a few months ago. The EEG is not a per­fect de­tec­tor of your ac­tu­al emo­tion or what you are think­ing. It seems to re­spond more to how much you are think­ing. We al­so found that af­ter a lit­tle while of wear­ing them, they would tend to go a bit crazy, wig­gling like they had a mind of their own, a bit nois­i­ly.

The rea­son why many peo­ple (and, frankly, most­ly wom­en) are so ex­cit­ed is be­cause they are ab­so­lute­ly adorable. Big fluffy ears that move! How can you go wrong? The ears are re­mov­able, which is great be­cause you can switch them out for oth­er col­ored ears (with more op­tions on the way). The white ears are very cute, but the black ones suit me much bet­ter.

While the ears are su­per delectable the rest of the head­piece is a bit much. There is a huge bat­tery pack (the Necomimis re­quire four AA bat­ter­ies, not in­clud­ed) that you can­not hide eas­i­ly and that is a bit awk­ward. Just like with the Myn­d­play, there is a sen­sor that has to rest on the skin of your fore­head and an­oth­er that is clipped to your ear. These are per­fect­ly fine to have while you are are sit­ting at home play­ing games, but out and about, the head piece is a bit heavy and even un­com­fort­able. All the ex­tra parts are im­pos­si­ble to hide if you have short hair or blond hair. I am lucky enough to have a small head so these fit fair­ly well, but I could see some­one with a larg­er head hav­ing is­sues. I found my­self not want­ing to wear the ears for a pro­longed pe­ri­od of time, as they tend­ed to cause mild headaches.

Over­all, the Necomi­mi Brain­wave Con­trolled Cat Ears are a great idea. They’re cute, fun, and def­i­nite­ly grab at­ten­tion, but I am con­fi­dent that in time they’ll im­prove a bit, with a bet­ter head­piece, more com­fort­able and in­con­spic­u­ous. Know­ing how much mon­ey peo­ple put in­to their fash­ion at com­ic or ani­me con­ven­tions, $100 seems very rea­son­able for an ac­ces­so­ry, es­pe­cial­ly one that is re­spon­sive­ly robot­ic.

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