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Published on December 4th, 2012 | by Kira


MIMO Touch 2: Expanding Your Digital Space

As a owner of a 27-inch monitor, I understand the need for as much monitor space as one can get. When I am working on a laptop I often will throw on an extra monitor. Having the freedom to see everything you are working on at once is a very important luxury, that I would have a lot of trouble going without.

Earlier this fall I looked at the MIMO UM-710S, and now I get to add another mini monitor to ever growing desktop collection: the MIMO TOUCH 2. The MIMO TOUCH 2 is very similar to the MIMO UM-710S, in that they both have a display size of seven inches and a resolution of 800X480 pixels. This means they are both sub monitors, perfect for the little extra things that you want to have easy access to, but do not really want clogging up your main screen. For example, instant messaging windows, social media updates from Twitter, or keeping an eye on your music are perfect tasks for these monitors. Again, they are perfect for the extras, and not as a primary monitor for your computer. Both monitors are plug and play on either Mac or PC, and can be powered only with the use of a USB 2.0.

Some differences between the monitors is that the Touch 2 is a little newer so it is a little brighter, 375 cd/m2 vs 350 cd/m2. Both monitors can be positioned as either landscape or portrait, but they come with different stands. I personally like the stand that the MIMO UM-710S comes with more. It is more like a protective case that can double as a stand. The one downside is that it is always seven inches long even when the monitor is positioned in portrait. This is where the more standard stand of the MIMO TOUCH 2 is handy. The stand is fairly small and with the monitor in portrait position the stand still fits perfectly beneath it, meaning this monitor is easier to fit into tight places. The stand seems to be very study and if for some reason you do not wish to use the stand the monitor has a little pop-out stand you can use instead. This makes the monitor a little more transportation friendly, but I do like how the MIMO UM-710S’s stand can also be protective. The traditional stand also weighs a little more, but only about eight ounces (one pound vs one and a half).

The biggest difference between the two monitors is that only one of them has touch screen capabilities. This is where the MIMO TOUCH 2 takes the edge over other sister models. The MIMO TOUCH 2, as one may have gathered from the name, lets you put your grubby fingers all over it. Which lead to the overall impression: easy to use, but we wound up with lots of ugly fingerprints. I like the idea of having a touch screen, but for the most part did not feel a need for it. I was much more likely to just slide my mouse to the extra screen and do everything I needed to do from there. If having the touchscreen capabilities is worth an extra $40, the MIMO TOUCH 2 is going for $140 this holiday season, a good deal to be sure on a secondary screen with a solid feature set.

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