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Published on December 20th, 2012 | by Kira


BIGR Madison Avenue Headphones: Keeping It Chic

Two things that go together like bread and butter: fashion and music. Just look at Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani. Fashion photographers are now often used to photograph rockstars, and musicians are often the starting point of new fashion trends. The crossover extends further: the other day, a few other models were talking about how they always hear Lady Gaga and Rihanna during photo shoots.

So, it should not be a surprise when a company like BIGR Audio designs a headphone that is called Madison Avenue,¬†after one of the most famous fashionable shopping boulevards in New York City.¬†Like all of BIGR’s headphones, your introduction is class. The headphones come in a bamboo wood case that you will want to keep. Inside the box you’ll find the headphones in a smooth carrying and bag.

Once you take the Madisons out you will notice they fold in like the AIAIAI Headphones and Fanny Wang Headphones we reviewed earlier this year. If you remember, this a feature I am very fond of, as they become much easier to carry around and stick in a bag. The next thing you will notice is the fancy leather exterior with its classic diamond stitching, high end looking. The appearance (in either black or white) fits in perfectly with the Madison Avenue name, but what about the other aspects?

I am not normally a fan of on-ear headphones, but these were surprisingly comfortable, and the more I wore them the better they felt. This same feeling applied to the sound quality as well, as they sounded a bit harsh at first. BIGR even suggests breaking in your headphones, and like the feel, they got better with time. The sound is a little distorted at higher volumes, but I found 80% volume perfect for most situations and you’re unlikely to go much beyond that. The Madisons are also smartphone friendly. The cord comes with a built-in microphone and in-line controls.

Audio quality was decent, as mentioned, if a little constrained. These aren’t over-the-ear cans with great noise cancellation, but block out a fair bit of surrounding sound and didn’t leak much.

The final question. Does the Madison’s price match the prices on Madison Avenue? This is no cheap headphone, at $129, but the that’s within the standard price range for fashion-forward models.

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