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Published on January 9th, 2013 | by Kira


Ion’s Tailgater: Taking The Party With You

We talk a lot about music and different ways to listen to it. We mostly address private and personal forms of cranking out tunes, but what if you want to play for a party at a tailgate event, or a a picnic, out in park, or as a busker? I have consistently run into this great team of performing boys on the Q train. They get on my subway train clapping their hands and chanting: “What time is it? Show time!” I do not normally give money to buskers, but these boys are my exception. Imagine about eight young black boys with their pants barely staying up taking over and break dancing, pole dancing, and doing flips! They are probably in high school; so, all their tricks are less than polished and they spend half the time cat calling each other, but they are nothing but pure fun!

So, how do all the buskers rock their tunes? Via a pretty poor little speaker that offers some volume but not much more and looks like it will give out any day. We’ve got a suggestion for them and others who want to share music with their friends: the Ion Audio IPA57 Tailgater Bluetooth Compact Speaker System. This portable speaker is perfect for any house party, tailgate, picnic, or any excuse you wish to use a larger-scale amplifier system.  The IPA57 uses Bluetooth to connect with your device, meaning you can connect your phone, iPad, or iPod and still keep it on your person. While Ion suggests that you can go up to 50 feet and still be Bluetooth connected, we found that a range of 20 feet or so in normal conditions is probably better.The speaker does come with a handy USB port that you can choose to use to connect to the speaker system, which will also charge your MP3 player or other device. There is also a built-in cradle for your player, if you would like to leave your device with the speaker. If for some reason you are not interested in listening to your library of music, the IPA57 can be dialed into any AM/FM radio station, and unlike the previous model, this one remembers your station. The IPA57 also comes with a microphone, for when you need to bring in your own voice into the mix! Megaphone no longer needed! It’s not a great mic, but works just fine for most basic uses.

The really great part about the IPA57 is that it can sound out at pretty loud volumes for a prolonged period of time. Ion rates the battery life at up to 12 hours, we were not able to test it for that long, but it did a great job of playing for eight hours straight and charged my iPad at the same time! It feels like the IPA57 comes with a car battery, great for how long it can run for, but very heavy: 23 pounds. Unfortunately, it only really has a side handle for carrying. I think wheels would have been very helpful, knowing its weight, and the lack of them makes it a bit of a burden.

This sturdy speaker system comes at a very reasonable price of $133. Being that you can get a lot of sound systems for much more than that, this middle of the road system is a steal, since it comes with a great battery and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Take the party with you, wherever, you wish to go- with sleek chrome accents in tow.

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