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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by Kira


VEHO: Making Photography Fun and Classy

Photographers and gadget-lovers have a lot in common. As you may have guessed, our cameras and iPads are two of our favorite gadgets, and I am always keeping an eye out for new accessories for both of them. New toys can help make my photography more interesting, and there are always better ways to show off my photography skills on my iPad.

It has been a good week for VEHO and TrulyNet. I got to play with the VEHO Mimi X-3 Portable Speaker, which I can use during my shoots, and now I have my hands on the MUVI X-Lapse and the Pebble Folio. While these two items may seem very different from one another, they both are used in similar parts of my life, and both have the same classy craftsmanship that VEHO offers for all their products.

The Muvi X-lapse is a really fun camera accessory for the amateur, novice, or intermediate photographer who is looking to experiment with new techniques. The MUVI X-Lapse let’s you take smooth sweeping 360 degree time lapse video or seamless wide angle panoramic photos. The Muvi X-lapse is basically a rotating stand that you can attach a smartphone or point and shoot to, though it’s definitely made for the smartphone audience. You can attach the Muvi X-lapse to a tripod or use its built in feet though, even for DSLRs. The results are smooth, seamless, and for a great price of $45. It is a little disappointing that the MUVI X-Lapse does not come with any app software, but there are plenty out there or built-in to your phone already. Also, it’s not fast- a complete 360-degree rotation will take a whopping hour to complete!

Once you are done with your movies or pictures you will want to show them off. This is the main reason why I invested in my iPad is because I wanted to keep my portfolio on it. If you are using your iPad for business, like me, you want it to look classy or fashionable. And it is a given that you will want to have a case/cover for your iPad, it is just about finding the perfect one. You need one that looks good, protects, but having extra features is always nice. The VEHO Pebble Folio is an all-in-one, available in a very soft black or tan leather.

The Pebble Folio is more than just a pretty case however- you can also use it to charge your iPad or a number of other devices. The case comes with a long cylinder shaped tube that is the length of your iPad and does add weight to the case (the whole case is about a pound), but it will also add 65% more charge to the older iPads 1 and 2 and 35% extra charge to the iPad 3. The issue is that the iPad 4, the new Lightning port is not compatible with this charging case. So, if you have an older model that you are using this will really help length add a bit of extra battery life, which is ideal for long flights or trips when you will not be able to charge your iPad.

The case comes with five adapter cords, to give you the option to charge more than just your iPad, which include mini USB and micro USB. I have to hand it to VEHO, they thoughtfully added a zipper pocket in the case to hold the wires. I hate it when products do not offer a place to keep their bits and pieces, since they tend to get lost quite quickly. Overall, this is a nice case if you have one of the older models and at $47 it will cost you as much as most cases without the battery option. You just have to decide if you want to deal with the extra weight and bulk.

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