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Published on February 21st, 2013 | by Kira


Jaybird BlueBuds X: Rocking Out With Wireless Wings

Fashion week is a busy time. Lots of parties and events to keep you running around the city. If you are like me you are bouncing between social groups and even sometimes running between events on your own- that is, if you are not bringing a sexy model with you. For those moments of solitude, especially while traveling, you need something to help you keep the energy up or help you wind down.

There’s nothing like a pair of Jaybird BlueBuds X earbuds to help you crank your Lady Gaga or relax to your jazz as you race through your day. These may not be the most stylish-looking earbuds on the market, being that they are made from plastic and rubber, but they are pretty distinctive. The BlueBuds X have a very unique look. First they are actually wireless, using Bluetooth, so the only wire is the one between the pair of earbuds. Also, they come with ‘wings’ to help you keep the buds in your ear. Several different sizes of tips were included, and after some experimenting, the results were great. I find these already give a solid fit and block out sound, but the added wing that you hook into the grooves of your ear is just the extra security you want for headphones that are not attached to anything else. The wings also add to the unique look of the BlueBuds X.

Bluetooth headphones are available in every shape and size- we’ve seen everything from a wide range of foldable over-the-ear models to those meant for noise-canceling airplane use. Most of them, though, can not compete with wired headphones when it comes to sound quality and fidelity. The BlueBuds X gave most other earbuds, even wired models in their price range, a run for their money perhaps thanks to their “SHIFT,” “Signal Plus,” and “Puresound” technology. Bass was a bit underpowered, but especially for classical, rock, and pop tracks, the solid mids and slightly boosted highs made our music sound clean but not clinical.

Bluetooth does not normally sound as nice as wired because the audio has to be compressed, but the “SHIFT” technology helps address this issue. The “Signal Plus” enhances the Bluetooth signal, reducing skipping. Finally, the “Puresound” uses an on-board filtering system to eliminate any static or white noise, leaving you with crystal clear sounds. Do be warned, the BlueBuds X are cancel out most exterior noise. This is great if you want to drown out people on the subway, but if you are using them to go running you might want to be able to hear such things like oncoming traffic.

The BluBuds X are mainly aimed at those who need tunes while working out, hence the all plastic and rubber materials. They are even 100% guaranteed sweat-proof, and will be replaced free of charge if there are any related malfunctions. Having Bluetooth head phones for working out is a great idea. One can drape the wire in front or behind your head. I found the microphone is easier to use when it is draped in front, but it is more comfortable when it goes to the back. The extra wing support can get a bit irritating, but the we love not having to have the extra cord connecting the headphones to a source. Without fail, at some point in a workout I always yank that out and it disrupts my flow. It is very easy to know if the Bluetooth is working because “Jenna” will talk you through it. But there isn’t a good battery indicator, which is a small issue.

The Jaybird BlueBuds X are solid, good-sounding, wireless workout-ready headphones. Their battery length is quite decent, at eight hours (does vary a little with how loud you play your music). The only major downside is they are a little pricey, at $170, but we think they are worth it.

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