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Published on March 27th, 2013 | by Kira


NeatDesk: Handle Paperwork With Ease This Tax Season

It’s tax season, and sad to say, but our pile of papers is pretty enormous. This stack of receipts and expenses and invoices needs to be sorted and filed and managed, and it would all be a lot easier if it was simply electronic. Fewer papercuts, far easier to input into QuickBooks or your accounting or tax software. That’s the promise of document scanners. Plus, no matter your industry, there is nothing more important than networking. This, of course, means lots of business cards, that easily get misplaced or just take up space!

In this day and age our storage space is now on hard drives instead of in our closets. We want everything easily attainable from our finger tips. We want to be able to search with a few taps of keys rather than rummaging through a box. Why not have that luxury with all your documents? The solution is the appropriately named NeatDesk.

Basically, the NeatDesk is a high-speed scanner for all those random pieces of paper. Capable of scanning up to 24 pages/minute in grayscale and at 300dpi, it handles letter size documents, receipts, and business cards. It comes with different sized automatic document feeders and slots so you can easily scan what you need in bulk. You can remove the special tray as well, which allows you to fit up to 50 pages. The flip side of this method is that the lack of an adjustable tray means that you do get some crooked scans- holding the papers in place does ensure they will be scanned in nice and straight. The scans can be saved in JPEG, PDF and most popular formats, and you can scan up to 600dpi, in color, as well as dual-sided. You can easily export your data to Excel, Quicken, Outlook (PC only), QuickBooks (PC only), TurboTax and your Mac Address Book (Mac only).

The scanner is nice, but what really shines with this product is the software. We’ve previously seen the program before, when we checked out the similar but more limited NeatReceipts, and it’s amazing how much it has improved over the last few years. The NeatWorks software automatically pulls out all the information on the documents so that it can easily be organized. Now finding a document is as easy as popping open a search window and typing in a few keywords. We did however find moving around the different documents a little challenging. You can even invest in NeatCloud, which allows you to access and backup your files from anywhere (available for Android and iOS as well), starting at $5.99/month. Overall, it’s a compelling answer to other document scanners- the cloud additions round out an interesting feature set, though competitors like the excellent Fujitsu ScanSnap line offer support for more standard services like Dropbox and Evernote. Those looking for something portable can also check out the recently-reviewed Doxie One, which can ever transfer scans wirelessly.

Overall the NeatDesk does the job well, but for a pretty penny: $370. It is much faster and easier to use than normal all-in-one scanners, which really eliminates the stress and head ache of what could be a very daunting task. The software is strong, so if you need an easy-to-use solution and want to search volumes of documents, then this one is a clear leader and makes it well worth the cost.

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