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Published on April 25th, 2013 | by Kira


Fluance: Bigger Is Better?

Bigger is usually better. That’s the general impression and expectation, whether we’re talking about cars or houses… or speakers.

Well, if you are under that impression, you will love the Fluance 2.1 Tower Speaker Music System FiTSD600. It is the largest iPod/iPhone dock speaker system that I am aware of, standing around 3.5 feet tall and 13 inches wide. It comes with two three inch polymer-treated and butyl rubber midranges, two 0.8 inch neodymium-balanced pure silk dome tweeters, and a front facing 6.5 inch subwoofer. The whole system is powered by a 36-watt amplifier. Luckily they have placed a handle on the back to help with transporting this 38 pound behemoth of a docking system.

This impressively sized speaker brings us back to the day when the size of the speaker correlated to the sound and was as much a part of a room’s decor as your favorite chair. The FiTSD600′s beautiful piano black painted wood finish will fit in any room, but do not expect it to be inconspicuous. This is a statement piece. People will notice it, for better or worse. Personally, I think it looks great in a room if you have the space for it- in smaller apartments, it’s physically imposing. It’s a little plain, similar to their previous dock that we reviewed almost a year ago.

Speaking of big speakers, do you remember the large cabinets of the 80′s? I remember growing up with my father’s pair of classic several-foot-high speakers and the power they had. My whole family would bounce around the living room to our favorite tunes. The FiTSD600′s size and power brought me back to those days. It certainly can fill a room and gets louder than any other iPod/iPhone docks I have heard. Unfortunately, the quality is not quite as striking as the power and volume. We found the bass to be a little flat. You can tweak it a bit with the remote, but make sure you don’t lose the remote, because it appears to be your only means of adjusting your bass and treble. We also found the midtones a little muddied and noticed some distortion on higher frequencies when we turned up the volume. Audiophiles won’t be impressed at the overly-bright sound and fairly middling soundstage, though for parties, it works nicely. Considering the price point, it’s pretty solid.

The biggest issue is that it is only compatible with iPods and iPhones, and only the 30-pin models. So, this device is already a bit outdated, if you have an iPhone 5. They do include converters and adapters, but there is no convenient spot to put other mobile devices. I wish they had had added Bluetooth or Airplay capabilities, like so many other speakers that we’ve recently seen. The FiTSD600 does come with FM/AM radio ability, which is neat, but like everything on the FiTSD600 it feels old school. There’s even a

Most modern music lovers like something small, versatile, and conveniently wireless. FiTSD600 is very few of those things. However, for someone who likes a bit of size and uses an older iPhone, this unit from Fluance is easy to setup, available now for a pretty rock’n price of only $350.

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