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Published on May 17th, 2013 | by Kira


Joy Factory: Adding A Stable Footing For Your iPad

I find I use my iPad more than I ever imagined. I like to take it with me everywhere I go, but there are times when I do not wish to have to hold it or are looking for a better alternative to the basic folding cover stands. One may wish to watch TV or movies, read music, or show off images without the hassle of having to hold onto the iPad. While I am not a musician, the other two interest me a lot.

So, what is the solution? The Joy Factory Tournez Mount with MagConnect is a pretty awesome fix! This great little mount is very study, perfectly adjustable, and available for all the full sized iPads. The case itself is a pretty standard black plastic and rubber hard shell, except it comes with a magnet and a place for a screw on the back. It does not have any protective cover, but I do not feel it needs it, as you primarily need back and side protection. Honestly, I would only use this case while the iPad is on the stand and not for much else- it’s not the best case in the world, but works perfect with the stand.

I am a big fan of the this style of clamps, and this one looks slick with the carbon fiber arm. Maybe it is because of my background experience with C-clamp stands, but they are just so versatile. And this one is no exception! You can easily affix this bad boy onto a flat surface, like a table, or a pole, like a music or light stand. The plastic grips make it very easy to tighten to a secure hold. The mount also consists of a six-inch arm that ends in an a ball joint, with a second at the other end. This makes it very easy to position your iPad where ever you like and use it easily regardless of landscape or portrait orientation. Finally it secures to the iPad shell via both a magnet and a screw (for extra security, if you need).

I think if you are looking for a strong mounting solution for your iPad you need to look no further. It is a fair price at $60. I certainly would not want anything cheap supporting my iPad?

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