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Published on May 21st, 2013 | by Kira


Escort MobileTV: Broadcasts On Your iPad and iPhone

Everyone loves their TV. Even if the summer marks the end of most sitcoms and series, there are always a few new ones, and you can’t beat broadcast television for sports and news coverage.

However, you can’t always have your TV on you, but we pretty much can’t leave the house without carrying our tablet or smartphone. So, wouldn’t it be great if we could watch streaming TV on our iPads and iPhones? Well, you can, sort of, with Escort MobileTV for iPad and iPhones. With this adapter you can easily get set up with Escort’s free app to get you started on viewing your favorite programs. The adapter is fairly light and easy to carry, but it does have some major issues. It feels fairly flimsy, doesn’t get the best reception, and the connector is only supported for the older 30-pin models.

In addition to the adapter being far from perfect, you will quickly find that if offers you a very limited range of channels, if it offers you any at all. Have a look at the Dyle coverage map here to see if your area can even get any channels. Even in New York City, the most channels I could find were eight, which isn’t terrible, but we are the city with the largest number of options. If you live in rural areas, you might not find any reception at all. When we could tune in, though, most channels were fairly sharp and clear, with decent audio and picture quality. What is nice is that you don’t need to have wireless or a digital plan to use this. So, if you are out in a park in the city or in a car you can still watch your shows.

Overall, for the price of $120, it feels a bit steep. There are so many other options like Netflix and Hulu, but also devices such as the Hauppauge Broadway (which we reviewed back in April) or the Slingbox models. We haven’t tried out Aereo, the service for over-the-air broadcast, but it definitely has some promise as well. Granted, they take additional setup and require a live, active internet connection (and sometimes a monthly fee). On the other hand, if you have a job with a lot of down time and don’t have internet, this could be the perfect solution. Available now, online and in stores.

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