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Published on July 6th, 2012 | by Kira


D-Link: Monitoring Your Home 24/7

Do you own a lot of ex­pen­sive equip­ment that you feel needs to be mon­i­tored? Live in a neigh­bor­hood that is per­haps not the best? Have kids that you want to keep an ex­tra eye on? Watched too many hor­ror movies and be­come afraid of clowns vis­it­ing you while you sleep? Or just re­al­ly miss Mr. Fluffy when you are not home? There are plen­ty of rea­sons that you should in­vest in your own home surveil­lance cam­era.

We got to play with the D-Link Wire­less Day/Night Home Net­work Cam­era (DCS-932L). This cam­era is a lot of fun, I feel like I am a spy when I play with it. It is a very easy set up, and does not need to be con­nect­ed or even have a com­put­er on to work. You can use the D-Link MovieN­ite that we re­cent­ly re­viewedthe D-Link web­site, or the app on ei­ther your iPhone or An­droid to watch it. As a Black­ber­ry us­er, I was a lit­tle dis­ap­point­ed that I could not stalk my house from my phone.

The best part about the cam­era is that it works in com­plete dark­ness, us­ing in­frared. Sure, the im­age is kind of grainy and while us­ing the night vi­sion even more so, I feel like I am on a ghost hunters show when us­ing it. Sure, the video qual­i­ty isn’t amaz­ing. It is good enough to catch what is go­ing on, but you cer­tain­ly won’t be able to see the col­or of the eyes of what­ev­er clown or cat or child that you are watch­ing. The oth­er down­side is that you can not ad­just the view of the cam­era re­mote­ly, which can be very an­noy­ing if some­thing is hap­pen­ing on the edge of the cam­era or right off the frame. You can how­ev­er, zoom in and out, which is nice. There is al­so au­dio, which is lim­it­ed, as al­ways the case in sim­i­lar cam­eras..

I am pret­ty im­pressed that you can set it up so that the soft­ware will no­ti­fy you, via email, if it de­tects move­ment. Alerts of this type are a pret­ty im­por­tant fea­ture, and the mo­tion de­tec­tion on this mod­el seemed sol­id. It will in­clude an im­age from be­fore the move­ment and three im­ages af­ter the mo­tion was de­tect­ed. This may stop your heart ev­ery time Mr. Fluffy walks in front of the cam­era, but if some­thing se­ri­ous ev­er hap­pens in your home, you will be the first to know. You can al­so set the cam­era to record dur­ing cer­tain times of the day or night, and these pre­sets worked pret­ty well.

Over­all, the D-Link Wire­less Day/Night Home Net­work Cam­era does the job with aplomb, even when placed in a very dark room. The im­age and au­dio qual­i­ty could be bet­ter, but for $85 it works quite well.

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