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Published on February 4th, 2011 | by Gbemiga


Belkin Conserve: Saving Energy One Outlet At A Time

We’ve seen a lot of eco-friend­ly gad­gets- items to help com­post or save wa­ter or use less fu­el. Of­ten, they re­quire com­pro­mis­es, ei­ther adding ex­pense or main­te­nance. But some­times, gear can be easy-to-in­stall and in­ex­pen­sive, and en­cour­age pos­i­tive change. This is hap­pi­ly the case with the Belkin Con­serve line, which have re­cent­ly been help­ing us mon­i­tor and use less elec­tric­i­ty.

Let’s start with the Con­serve In­sight Mon­i­tor. The Mon­i­tor lets you mon­i­tor how much en­er­gy your de­vices ac­tu­al­ly use, ei­ther over a pe­ri­od of time or at a sin­gle glance. The de­vice comes with a large LCD that lets you see how much elec­tric­i­ty you are con­sum­ing, how much car­bon diox­ide (CO2) is pro­duced to gen­er­ate the elec­tric­i­ty your de­vice is con­sum­ing (your car­bon foot­print), as well as the wattage used. The com­bi­na­tion of these fea­tures means you get to see how much you’re spend­ing and your im­pact on the en­vi­ron­ment via three but­tons. You can use the light­ning bolt but­ton to see how many watts you’re us­ing, the earth sym­bol but­ton to see the amount of CO2 pro­duced, and the dol­lar sign but­ton for… well, you know. You can al­so switch be­tween look­ing at dai­ly and year­ly pe­ri­ods. The Mon­i­tor comes with preload­ed av­er­age US elec­tric­i­ty costs but you can in­put your own rates.

You can find how much en­er­gy your de­vice is us­ing over a pe­ri­od of time by plug­ging it in­to the Mon­i­tor and then use the de­vice for a some time e.g. a week. At the end of the week you can see your ac­tu­al us­age. If you want to you can re­set the mon­i­tor and go through the pro­cess again so that you can mea­sure your us­age rates per week and see any vari­ance or fluc­tu­a­tions. By do­ing this, you can see what per­cent­age of your elec­tric­i­ty bill any giv­en de­vice con­sumes, there­fore al­low­ing you to find out where you’re spend­ing the most. We used it to help us avoid and de­tect vam­pire de­vices, which drain en­er­gy and there­fore mon­ey even while sup­pos­ed­ly turned off. This de­vice is a good first step on the en­er­gy con­ser­va­tion road but it doesn’t pro­vide you with an overview of what your en­tire house con­sumes.

The Mon­i­tor comes in a has­sle free, green pack­age and can be found in white, gray and lemon grass col­ors. It can be found on Ama­zon for $23.

An­oth­er de­vice in the Con­serve line of prod­ucts from Belkin is the Smart AV Surge Pro­tec­tor. This surge pro­tec­tor al­lows you to tru­ly turn off up to 6 de­vices con­nect­ed us­ing a sim­ple but­ton, help­ing to avoid los­ing mon­ey and pow­er to vam­pire de­vices. The AV in the name clues you to the in­tend­ed use of the surge pro­tec­tor, main­ly for TV and home the­ater sys­tems.

The surge pro­tec­tor comes with eight dif­fer­ent sock­ets. One is the Mas­ter Out­let and five are Mas­ter Con­trolled. If you con­nect­ed a TV to the Mas­ter sock­et and oth­er de­vices in your home the­ater sys­tem in­to the Mas­ter Con­trolled. When you turn off your TV, the surge pro­tec­tor de­tects this and au­to­mat­i­cal­ly shuts down all the de­vices in the Con­trolled sock­ets. There are al­so two sock­ets on the surge pro­tec­tor that are not Mas­ter or Con­trolled and are for de­vices that need con­stant pow­er e.g. DVR’s, clocks, routers, etc. There is al­so a switch on the surge pro­tec­tor that al­lows you to turn off the surge pro­tec­tor. The Surge Pro­tec­tor can be found on Ama­zon for $24.99.

To­geth­er, both de­vices we tried make a great com­bi­na­tion. They’d make a great gift for any en­er­gy con­ser­va­tion­ist but would al­so be good tools for any­one look­ing to save some mon­ey.

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