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Published on August 26th, 2013 | by Glenn


Moshi Accessories: Make Your Macbook Stand Out, Hold Up!

If you’re like many folks, you’re considering getting a new Apple laptop this season. I surprised myself recently by buying a notebook computer to simplify managing my business while traveling. Since this is my first new notebook computer in a long while, I relied on the advice of friends and decided to use a protective cover for the computer since I planned to give it a pretty hard time, lugging it about through several countries.

I’ve been testing out the Moshi iGlaze pro 13″ ultra-slim hardshell case for the Macbook Pro Retina, along with the Moshi PalmGuard palm rest protector and ClearGuard keyboard protector and quickly set about installing them. The first thing I noticed was that these were all packaged well and quite appealing at first glance, similar to our last review of Moshi gear. Everything was easy enough to open which is not always the case in these days of blister packaging. The instructions are simple (in English, French, and Spanish) and installation took less time (5 minutes) than cleaning the computer case in preparation. Moshi offers a variety of bundles as well, if you want a complete accessory package.

One important choice that you’ll have to make when picking out your two-piece iGlaze is fairly unique- they offer not only the traditional clear protection, but also a black option as well. This allows my computer stands out from all of the various aluminum iPads and notebooks scattered about, and keeps my a bit distinct from the crowd. This has proven handy and my computer is always where I left it since there is no confusion about whose computer this is. The Apple logo still shines through the translucent cover too, and the rubber feet on the case offer slip protection and stability.

The palmguard and clearguard (for the keyboard) are practically unnoticeable in use and have kept things neat. I used the computer outdoors a fair bit and the clear keyboard cover kept all sorts of detritus (dust, leaves, and the like) out of the computer. The palmguard did not affect the function of the trackpad in any way that I noticed.

I have noticed that the upper clamshell case has a tendency to separate (only slightly) from the computer when I open it or occasionally when I handle it but this is understandable and has not been a problem. It is well attached and secure so that I am certain it would take quite a mishap to dislodge it. The graphite black case is a matte finish rubber material which is very durable, grippable, and offers great protection against bumps and scratches. The matte finish does however, show scuffs and fingerprints so it can look a bit messy after a while but it is easy to clean with a cloth and a mild cleaning solution.

Overall, the MOSHI products offer effective protection and a dressy look to your computer and, while more expensive than some competitors, feel well worth the cost. The PalmGuard runs about $23, the ClearGuard $25, while the iGlaze Pro is about $60.

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