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Published on August 2nd, 2012 | by Celina


Moshi: Protecting Your New MacBook Air

We were pret­ty ex­cit­ed when Ap­ple an­nounced the new prod­uct line­up re­cent­ly. Af­ter all, it’s not ev­ery day that a com­put­er comes along that weighs prac­ti­cal­ly noth­ing, but can han­dle pret­ty se­ri­ous tasks, and fea­tures most ev­ery­thing you need in an ul­tra­portable… and costs un­der $1000. It’d be great if there was a PC that was com­pet­i­tive, but the sad fact is that there sim­ply is not. So: we hap­pi­ly put down the cash for a Mac­Book Air 11″, and then need­ed to find ways to pro­tect the sleek body.

We turned to the same com­pa­ny that we talked about yes­ter­day- the folks be­hind some of our fa­vorite new au­dio gear, Moshi. The Moshi ac­ces­so­ry line­up in­cludes a pret­ty wide ar­ray of gear for ev­ery style and size of Ap­ple lap­top, as well as tablets and smart­phones. We’ll fo­cus on two- the Moshi Palm­guard and the slick Moshi iGlaze, both of which we test­ed out on the new slim al­most-net­book-sized ma­chine over the last few weeks.

The Moshi Palm­guard Palm­Guard Air 11 w/ Track­pad Pro­tec­tor is ac­tu­al­ly two prod­ucts in one- not on­ly do you get a thin, sil­ver metal­lic sheet to pro­tect the area where your hands rest while typ­ing, you al­so get a per­fect­ly-sized sheet of the same ma­te­ri­al to pro­tect your track­pad. We tend to have greasy hands, and slight­ly sweaty fin­gers, and that wears down on sur­faces over time. Even af­ter a month, we can pull up the sheet and see the dif­fer­ence, ac­tu­al­ly, where one edge has col­lect­ed a bit of gunk just out­side of the pro­tec­tive sur­face. Easy to in­stall thanks to the spe­cial ad­he­sive, it’s al­so easy to clean off. You aren’t sup­posed to re­move this one and re-ap­ply though, it’s a one-shot sort of deal. Sol­id, sim­ple, and on­ly $20- and we didn’t no­tice any change in track­pad use or sen­si­tiv­i­ty.

The iGlaze Air 11 Translu­cent is the clear ver­sion of Moshi’s two-piece case that snaps on around the com­put­er and pro­tects the top and bot­tom. Best of all, it al­so has built-in non-slip rub­ber feet that al­so raise the bot­tom a bit, al­low­ing some air­flow and pre­vent­ing over­heat­ing. None of the ports are blocked, and the poly­car­bon­ate shell adds very lit­tle weight or bulk. It doesn’t add much edge pro­tec­tion, though- we did drop or de­vice and end­ed up not on­ly dent­ing the plas­tic, but scuff­ing up the lap­top as well un­for­tu­nate­ly. Avail­able in black or pearl white as well, all three al­low the Ap­ple lo­go to shine through when lit up, a nice ef­fect. The lo­go and brand­ing are min­i­mal, and it re­al­ly does snap on read­i­ly, with on­ly a bit of care re­quired to take off the case. Those who have no­ticed it have liked it, but for the most part, it’s bare­ly vis­i­ble, and thus on­ly adds some dura­bil­i­ty to Ap­ple’s love­ly de­sign. Runs about $55.

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