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Published on December 14th, 2010 | by Alicia


Escape Morning Grogginess With The Sleeptracker Pro Elite

Per­haps you’re like some of the staff here who can’t think of many more painful things in life than the alarm go­ing off when you’re bliss­ful­ly dream­ing about pup­pies and all things fluffy. Or, maybe you’ve want­ed to par­take in a sleep study at a health fa­cil­i­ty to have your sleep mon­i­tored and find some an­swers to your sleep prob­lems. En­ter the Sleep­track­er Pro Elite Sleep Mon­i­tor by Sleep­track­er, a dig­i­tal watch that tracks your sleep cy­cles and promis­es to wake you at the op­ti­mal time, there­by min­i­miz­ing that loath­some grog­gi­ness when the cursed alarm goes off. We found our­selves in­trigued by this watch and couldn’t wait to hit the sack to try it out.

We re­viewed the men’s ver­sion, but as far as well can tell, the on­ly dif­fer­ence be­tween the men’s and wom­en’s watch­es are their col­ors. Pri­or to go­ing to bed, set your wake-up time, just like any alarm. The watch de­faults to wak­ing the us­er with­in 20 min­utes of the set time. The op­tion of a vi­brat­ing alarm, buzzing alarm, or both is a great fea­ture. The vi­brat­ing set­ting al­lows your love­ly bed­side com­pan­ion to con­tin­ue sleep­ing while you are awo­ken. The watch is worn just as a nor­mal watch would be. Like past Sleep­track­er watch­es we’ve tried, we prob­a­bly wouldn’t wear this as an ev­ery­day watch (low on fash­ion points). We are al­so a lit­tle amused by the fact that the watch is wa­ter-re­sis­tant (in case of sleep-swim­ming).

The fun be­gins when you drift off to La La Land, when the Sleep­track­er mon­i­tors your sleep cy­cles. Peo­ple typ­i­cal­ly have five sleep cy­cles a night, which progress from light sleep, to deep and restora­tive sleep, to REM sleep. The Sleep­track­er tracks your “al­most-awake mo­ments” through­out the night. The watch will dis­play how many al­most-awake mo­ments you had the night be­fore, as well as the av­er­age amount of time be­tween your al­most-awake mo­ments. This da­ta can then be ex­tract­ed from the watch to your PC with an in­clud­ed USB cord. Ide­al­ly, by track­ing the av­er­age num­ber of al­most-awake mo­ments for a pe­ri­od of days, the us­er can de­ter­mine if there is a pat­tern and mod­i­fy di­et or habits to im­prove sleep qual­i­ty. When you reach the spec­i­fied alarm range, the Sleep­track­er will alarm when you are in an al­most-awake mo­ment so that you feel re­freshed, rather than grog­gy and cranky.

A down­side is that the watch keeps on­ly one night’s worth of da­ta. Thus, da­ta must be ex­tract­ed ev­ery­day. The soft­ware, in­clud­ed with the watch, is rudi­men­ta­ry at best and is some­times finicky. Nonethe­less, we found it fas­ci­nat­ing to track how many al­most-awake mo­ments we had each night, and whether that cor­re­lat­ed with how well-rest­ed we felt the next day, and how ex­act­ly a night of drink­ing ef­fects sleep qual­i­ty.

Be­cause sleep is such a per­son­al and in­di­vid­u­al­ized is­sue, sat­is­fac­tion with the Sleep­track­er will al­so prob­a­bly vary. For some of us at Tru­ly Ob­scure, we do not find our­selves awo­ken that of­ten dur­ing a heavy sleep cy­cle, and our dai­ly im­prove­ment from the watch was min­i­mal. Oth­ers, how­ev­er, were very pleased with the watch and ob­served im­prove­ments to their over­all mood. We found the watch on Ama­zon for around $176. If the watch piques your in­ter­est, a good strat­e­gy is to buy the watch from Sleep­track­er and try it to de­ter­mine whether you may ben­e­fit from this in­no­va­tive time­piece. The com­pa­ny of­fers a full re­fund with­in the first 30 days, as well as ex­cel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice. There’s a chance the com­pa­ny’s CEO might even talk to you di­rect­ly should you have prob­lems with your Sleep­track­er. Sweet dreams!


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