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Published on August 21st, 2012 | by Kira


LifeProof: Extreme Wear for an Extreme Phone

How rough are you on your phone? Do you like to take it ev­ery­where with you, lit­er­al­ly? Hik­ing, bik­ing, and rock climb­ing? Through wa­ter­falls? We’ve done all of these, some­times to the detri­ment of our smart­phones. And while some peo­ple pre­fer to keep their iPhones sleek and vul­ner­a­ble, we rec­om­mend a bit of pro­tec­tion against the rough and tum­ble lifestyle.

There are a few heavy du­ty pro­tec­tive cas­es out on the mar­ket, but if you are an iPhone 4 us­er, you are in luck: the Life­Proof iPhone 4 case seems to be very stur­dy and al­so one of the thinnest avail­able (on­ly adds an ex­tra 1/16” to each side of the phone). This case can with­stand be­ing dropped two me­ters – 6.6ft- as well as be­ing sub­merged un­der­wa­ter for the same dis­tance,  plus holds up against shock, snow, and dirt!

Since it is the sum­mer, I fig­ured the most im­por­tant test I should do is the wa­ter test. Life­Proof rec­om­mends that you test the case be­fore putting your phone in it. So, I set up the case and dropped it in a bowl of wa­ter. It floats, so, I put a cup on it and wait­ed. Af­ter about an hour I took it out to see the dam­age, and it looked dry in­side. I do not have a iPhone 4, but Greg does, so I got to test this next step on his phone, which was much bet­ter for my nerves than his (ed­i­tor’s note- we don’t rec­om­mend try­ing this, and I’ve learned nev­er to loan out my phone).

I put his phone in the case and screwed it in­to place. With held breath, I dropped his phone in­to the bowl, and it sank. I found the case did not seem to ef­fect the use of the screen on the phone while it was out of wa­ter; al­though, it does bub­ble a lit­tle where the screen is. So, I want­ed to see if I would be able to use Greg’s phone in the wa­ter, no luck. I’m not sure what the ef­fect the wa­ter has, but the screen no longer rec­og­nized my touch. Thank­ful­ly, soon as I took it out of the wa­ter the phone worked fine again. So, I man­aged not to de­stroy Greg’s phone!

We did not just get the case from Life­Proof, we al­so got the Life­Proof Life­jack­et Float­ing Ac­ces­so­ry for your phone. This bright or­ange and amus­ing-look­ing floaty goes over the Life­Proof iPhone 4 case, and is as like­ly to be seen by life­guards as you are. Since this case is ide­al for wa­ter sports or more ex­treme sit­u­a­tions, it can be eas­i­ly be put on and tak­en off. It does add a bit to the size of the phone and, like I said, it draws a lot of at­ten­tion to it­self. So, I slapped it on in all its gar­ish glo­ry, put Greg’s phone in for an­oth­er bath, and it float­ed! The life jack­et is great if you like to take your phone to the beach or out while boat­ing. It is al­so sup­posed to pro­tect the phone for up to a 20 foot drop, but I think one is more like­ly to plan and to be wear­ing the ex­tra case for the use while sail­ing or jet-ski­ing. The main case can han­dle small falls; so, de­pend­ing on what you are do­ing, you can plan ac­cord­ing­ly.

Oth­er than the cost, the on­ly ma­jor is­sue that we had was that the screw at the top has to be fas­tened re­al­ly tight and can be hard to un­screw once it is in place. Oth­er­wise, your phone is get­ting that much clos­er to be­ing bul­let proof! While the $54.50 price tag for the Life­Proof case and $39 price tag for the life jack­et aren’t low, your phone will cost a lot more mon­ey and men­tal stress to re­place if some­thing goes wrong.

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