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Published on August 24th, 2012 | by Kira


myCharge: Keeping Me On

In this day and age we all live by our smart gadgets. We read on them, write on them, look stuff up with them, find wherever we are going via them, and even rely on them for critical communications (like our Twitter updates and cat memes). Unfortunately, their battery life is often not as good as we might hope- Instagramming your life does drain your battery quickly. I have gotten to the point where I not only carry my phone everywhere, but I also bring a charger, which is pretty annoying and risks me losing it or leaving it plugged into the wall at a random coffee shop. Until the manufacturers start improving their battery life (or wireless power becomes common), we need to have another solution!

One great solution that we had offered to us recently was myCharge’s rechargeable battery packs. TrulyNet got the pleasure to try out four different packs. The idea behind the packs is that you will have a small battery source (pocket sized) you can easily take with you, that can charge your gadgets wherever you are.

Depending on your needs and budget the different packs come with different levels of power storage capabilities and connectors. The myCharge Peak 6000 (RFAM-0166) is able to fully charge the average smartphone four times off of it before pack’s battery depletes. The Peak 6000 also comes with a built in Apple, micro-USB connector, and an on-board USB port, which makes most devices compatible with it. Since the Peak 6000 carries so much battery life, you are able to use all the ports at once, meaning you can charge up three devices at the same time, which can be very handy if you are going on a trip for an extra day and do not wish to bring all your separate chargers. This pack will run you $100.

The other packs are very similar, they just have less power and some have less ports. The Summit 3000 (RFAM-0165) is very similar to the Peak 6000 with how its ports are set up and appearance, but it’s battery charge is only half of the Peak 6000. For this reason, it is a little cheaper, going for $80. The Sojourn 1000 (RFAM-0194) has a new look, is the least powerful of all the batteries, giving your phone only an additional four hours, and only works with apple products. For this reason, it is the cheapest of all the batteries at $40. Finally, there is the Trek 2000 (RFAM-0164), which falls between the Summit 3000 and the Sojourn 1000, this one transitions nicely because it gives you 9 extra hours of talk time and has an Apple and a micro-USB connector ports. As the middle unit, it has an expected middle price of $60.

While this pack resembles the Sojourn 1000, this is also the only pack that has a flip out dock for the Apple charger. This flip out dock does not feel as sturdy as I would like, but it does take your i-whatever off the ground. The Peak 6000 and Summit 3000 both come with voice activation whenever you plug in a device, in four different languages. It will tell you which device has just been plugged in so you know it is charging, which is pretty neat (though it will just say “Apple device” and not identify the specific model or anything).

All the packs seem to be solid and reliable. They charge up within a few hours if using an electrical outlet, but need about four times as long if they are charging off your computer via USB. Unless you really only have a need for a quick jolt of power on your way home most days, I feel the Peak 6000 is the best deal of all the packs. You get much more power out of it then the others, and it is only slightly more expensive. It can charge pretty much anything on it, and charge up to three things at once, which means you only need to take it with you on any trip you go on instead of 20 different charges for everything you own. I like that I can take it with me on trips where I will not have access to electricity and I will still have hours of time to charge off of it. I plan on bring it with me on my next camping trip- though do note that it isn’t really waterproof (nor are the others).

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