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Published on September 29th, 2012 | by Kira


Fanny Wang Headphones: Rock’n Out In Style

Head­phones aren’t just about the au­dio qual­i­ty any­more. Since driv­er de­signs have be­come pret­ty de­cent over­all, pack­ag­ing, mar­ket­ing, and prod­uct de­sign have changed and re­shaped the in­dus­try. Ev­ery time I am on the train or walk­ing down the streets in Man­hat­tan, I see some­one with a rap­per’s name em­bla­zoned on their ears. These days, you do not have to be a DJ to rock a pair of classy high end head­phones.

One stylish re­cent mod­el we’ve been test­ing out is the Fan­ny Wang On-Ear Head­phones (FW-1003). These sexy head­phones not on­ly look good, but they sound great as well. They have a nice crisp sound and fea­ture a fair­ly boom­ing bass that won’t stress your ears. Com­fort­able enough to wear for a while, the on-ear cush­ions are de­cent, though cer­tain­ly not as plush as some we’ve seen.

A great and fair­ly unique fea­ture the Fan­ny Wangs 1000-se­ries sport is a duo-jack split­ter- so you can plug an­oth­er set of head­phones in­to it and share what you are lis­ten­ing to with­out any loss of clar­i­ty. This is nifty if you want to share mu­sic, or want to watch a movie on the go with a friend. If your friend(s) al­so have a Fan­ny Wangs you can get a chain of head­phones go­ing. These head­phones al­so come with an Ap­ple-friend­ly re­mote, which is cer­tain­ly handy if you’re us­ing an iPhone of any kind- our new iPhone 5s have been grab­bing looks, but so have these head­phones.

The head­phones seem to be fair­ly stur­dy, but with an im­por­tant caveat- we did no­tice that met­al brack­et is a lit­tle frag­ile, and oth­ers have re­port­ed is­sues with it. The head­phones have a col­lapsi­ble fold­ing de­sign which makes them eas­i­er to car­ry around, and fit in a purse or even a large pock­et. The cord is re­mov­able as well, which pre­vents it from be­ing dam­aged when you’re pack­ing these away. Over­all, a nice bal­ance be­tween stylish and portable, and a good trade-off be­tween com­fort and of­fer­ing sol­id sound. Au­dio­philes won’t be im­pressed, per­haps, but they hold their own against all but stu­dio-grade sets.

Like all qual­i­ty head­phones you are mak­ing an in­vest­ment. The Fan­ny Wang On-Ear Head­phones (black, F-W-1003-BLK) are go­ing to run you $170. Fun­ny name, per­haps, but a de­cent set that of­fer an al­ter­na­tive to many of the oth­ers on the mar­ket.


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