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Published on January 21st, 2011 | by Heather


Fujitsu’s S1100: Best Portable Document Scanner Yet

Fu­jit­su is known for pro­vid­ing busi­ness­es with doc­u­ment imag­ing so­lu­tions and has been rec­og­nized for many of their prod­ucts for ease and ef­fi­cien­cy. Not too long ago we gave the Fu­jit­su ScanSnap s300 a try and thought it an ide­al trav­el com­pan­ion. Not on­ly does it cap­ture doc­u­ments in ex­cel­lent col­or, it is quite portable- they call it the world’s small­est du­plex ADF scan­ner. Best of all, the du­plex scan­ning works great, eas­i­ly tak­ing in both sides of a doc­u­ment or busi­ness card at once. Fu­jit­su un­veiled their newest ad­di­tion at the Con­sumer Elec­tron­ics Show in Ve­gas ear­li­er this month, and up­date to the fam­i­ly and per­haps their best yet. For those of you who lack space on your desk or work area and need an ef­fi­cient scan­ner, look no fur­ther than the Fu­jit­su ScanSnap S1100.

Not on­ly is this scan­ner portable, it runs off of a sin­gle USB ca­ble. And where­as the ear­li­er mod­el weighed around three pounds, this one bare­ly adds to a load, weigh­ing on­ly a bit over 12 ounces! The S1100 was a cake­walk to use as there is on­ly one but­ton that be­gins the scan and sub­se­quent­ly opens the ScanSnap Man­ag­er, the cen­tral pro­gram used to choose which des­ti­na­tion you are aim­ing for- OCR scan­ning for doc­u­ments, busi­ness cards, send­ing via email, or just quick sav­ing as an im­age to a fold­er. If you use Google Docs, suf­fice it to say you will be in luck as you can scan di­rect­ly to the cloud.

We par­tic­u­lar­ly liked the busi­ness card as­pect as Card­Min­der soft­ware is in­clud­ed. We’ve been drown­ing in busi­ness card re­cent­ly, of all shapes and sizes, and used the S1100 to scan in over 500 cards in a few ses­sions. The busi­ness cards we scanned were to our lik­ing and even in­ter­na­tion­al ones with com­pli­cat­ed char­ac­ters were rec­og­nized with aplomb. Easy ro­ta­tion of scanned im­ages, snap­py op­ti­cal char­ac­ter recog­ni­tion and au­to­mat­ic im­age ro­ta­tion, quick zoom­ing in­to cards for man­u­al edit­ing, su­per-sim­ple ex­port were plus­es… the fact that you couldn’t eas­i­ly go be­tween fields when edit­ing them and some is­sues with han­dling on dark­er cards (those print­ed on black pa­per) were small and for­giv­able prob­lems. Al­so, one thing we es­pe­cial­ly liked was the ease at which the scan­ner cor­rect­ed small align­ment is­sues- es­pe­cial­ly with cards, you could in­sert them in any di­rec­tion or ori­en­ta­tion, any­where in the feed­er, and it would han­dle them nice­ly.

Though this is com­pat­i­ble with both PCs run­ning most any re­cent Win­dows OS and Macs run­ning OSX, we would sug­gest this for those of you who on­ly have a cou­ple pages to scan, and most­ly sin­gle-sid­ed. The scan­ner can on­ly han­dle one page at a time and each one takes about sev­en to eight sec­onds to scan a full page- quite a bit slow­er than some oth­ers we’ve tried. Al­so, this is a sim­plex scan­ner, un­like the pre­vi­ous mod­els, which means that you’re on­ly able to grab one side of a page dur­ing scan­ning. You can eas­i­ly in­di­cate that a doc­u­ment is dou­ble sid­ed, but you have to put each page through twice. An­oth­er slight down­fall is a lack of easy car­ry­ing op­tions. Though this is tout­ed as portable, and was easy enough to throw in a bag, we felt it a bit odd that it lacked a case or han­dles of any kind. Build qual­i­ty is sol­id, and we loved one ma­jor change- no more con­sum­ables!

Fi­nal­ly, the scan­ner is an ex­cel­lent buy- pre­vi­ous edi­tions were a bit pricey, around $300. This one is avail­able for $199, and worth ev­ery pen­ny.

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