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Published on September 5th, 2015 | by Greg


Turbocharge Your Xbox One With Plantronics & Seagate

There are three major video game consoles, but for serious gamers, the primary duopoly of the Sony Playstation and the Xbox Microsoft has continued into the latest generation. We’ve got both, but the Xbox One sees a bit more use thanks to it’s game library and excellent online services. And though much of the market is cross-platform accessories, we have some new Xbox One focused gear today, from two companies that we’ve continued to test out through the years. Xbox 360 owners and PC users aren’t left out either!

The Plantronics Rig Flex LX is the latest gaming headset from this brand, well-known for their wireless Bluetooth headsets and wide range of audio electronics. Even as recently as earlier this year, there weren’t that many headsets that were built for the Xbox One. Sure, you could pair your own set using Microsoft’s adapter, but it was a little clunky. As long as you aren’t looking for wireless- which can add cost, lower quality, or both- then the wired Rig Flex LX might just be the best native pair available. Launching early next month and priced at $129.99, the original Rig Flex is available now, but we suggest waiting a bit for the upgrade.

It’s light, comfortable, and best of all features a few unusual features that set it apart from the pack and make it well worth the price tag. Swappable boom and an in-line cable with a microphones allow you to choose your desired source, ideal for when you’re using a mobile device or away from your console. You’ll still need to use the controller dongle when gaming, but this one is nicely designed, with a large and accessible volume control. Plus, audio quality is excellent- explosions were properly booming, the low-end was deep and rumbling, and sounds could be pinpointed. The Rig Flex LX is fairly well isolating, and held up well even during longer sessions. It’s not fancy-looking, and the tags are a bit distracting, but the Rig Flex LX is well worth hearing.

The Seagate Game Drive claims to be the “only external hard drive designed exclusively for use with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One”. It adds two full terabytes of storage to your system, enough to download over 50 games. After all, while optical media might still be the major way folks buy games, that’s definitely changing with the growing move to the cloud- we’ve downloaded complete titles on the day of release rather than running to a store or waiting to get the disk. But that comes at a price- those titles can quickly fill up the internal hard drive.

It looks- and acts- basically like most other external storage options, with a USB 3.0 cable that makes for high speed transfers and no additional power cable required. The case is the official green and dark grey to match your system, and is plug-and-play with a painless setup. And now you can take your game collection to a friend’s house or on vacation, with no need to worry about downloading everything again. Note that due to changes in how files are saved, moving from an Xbox One to an Xbox or vice versa will require formatting (deleting everything). But we were impressed- performance seemed to match the internal drive, and we didn’t really notice any difference when using the external one. It’s available now, online and in stores, for about $100!

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