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Published on March 15th, 2011 | by Gbemiga


Brighten Up Your Sound With The Edifier Aurora

At CES, there are al­ways the lat­est and great­est in speak­ers on dis­play. Some of them are quite large, cost­ly beasts that can de­serve their own zip­codes. We al­ways like these sys­tems, but find them a bit be­yond our reach- it takes a lot to set­up a de­mo and com­pare, and the since we reg­u­lar­ly mis­treat our equip­ment, the price range on the high­er-end au­dio gear can be a bit scary.

If you’re in the same boat, then you’ll en­joy our reg­u­lar cov­er­age of Blue­tooth head­sets and portable speak­er sets. The lat­est small item to come through our labs is from Ed­i­fi­er, mak­ers of the Au­ro­ra MP300. This is a prod­uct whose most stun­ning fea­ture is the psychedel­ic range of col­ors that it is avail­able in. The Au­ro­ra is made for net­book, tablet, or lap­top us­er but with its 3.5mm jack, it is com­pat­i­ble with a wide range of de­vices like your MP3 play­er or var­i­ous portable gad­gets and de­vices. Un­like many such speak­er sets, this is a true 2.1 sys­tem, with bet­ter sep­a­ra­tion than many com­peti­tors. Win­ner of a Red Dot De­sign Award, the de­sign is quite fun- spher­i­cal speak­ers and a tubu­lar sub­woofer. We felt mis­lead though- it’s quite easy to be fooled by the im­ages on­line, and we strong­ly wish that the ads and pic­tures made it more clear- the in­di­vid­u­al speak­ers are in­deed wired, not wire­less, as it ap­pears in the im­ages. And the wires are quite short, to boot!

The Au­ro­ra was easy to set­up right out of the box. The sub­woofer puts out a de­cent amount of vol­ume and oomph for its size. Con­nect­ed to the sub­woofer are two small speak­ers that al­so pro­vide suf­fi­cient sound out­put. On top of the right speak­er we found two sil­ver but­tons. One but­ton turns the vol­ume up, the oth­er down, and it’s sim­ple enough if a bit awk­ward. The au­dio in­put ca­ble is rea­son­ably long and al­lows you to place the Au­ro­ra a dis­tance from you.

The sound from the Au­ro­ra is good enough to lis­ten to mu­sic, watch movies and YouTube videos but it won’t be suf­fi­cient for any se­ri­ous mu­sic lovers who want a broad­er range, deep­er bass and or more ac­cu­rate re­pro­duc­tion. We weren’t im­pressed by acous­tic ver­sions, nor did the sparkle in ana­log record­ings come through- sound tend­ed to be a bit more flat than we liked and a bit clin­i­cal. Vol­ume was good, and im­pres­sive­ly dis­tor­tion-free though crack­les and er­rors could be heard at high­er end of the vol­ume range. The Au­ro­ra is avail­able in As­phalt Grey, Elec­tric Blue, Liq­uid Sil­ver, Lu­mi­nous Yel­low, Mid­night Blue, Orig­i­nal Red, Pas­sion Pink, Spicy Red, Stormy Black and Tangy Or­ange. If it had been wire­less, or of­fered bet­ter sound, we’d strong­ly rec­om­mend it thanks to the fair­ly cute de­sign. But, at­trac­tive though it is, it winds up be­ing a bit dif­fi­cult to pack, lacks the bat­ter­ies nec­es­sary to be tru­ly portable but al­so the pow­er need­ed to be a good sta­tion­ary set­up. A few flaws mar the slick sur­face, but the stylish Au­ro­ra can be yours for around $100.

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