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15 Best Floodlight Security Cameras For Your House In 2022

Taking floodlights a step further, smart floodlight security cameras operate traditionally with some beneficial addition.

For instance, floodlight security cams feature high-resolution cameras, variable viewing angles, motion detection, live recording, and much more.

Above all, the best floodlight security cameras call for a keen understanding of the key features.

Two-Way Floodlight Security Camera
Floodlight Security Camera Battery Powered
Security Camera Without Subscription
Floodlight Security Camera With Free Cloud Storage
Floodlight Security Camera With Motion Sensor
Weatherproof Floodlight Security Camera
Floodlight Security Camera Solar Powered
Smart Floodlight Security Camera
10-Arlo Pro 3 Editor's Choice
Floodlight Security Camera Wifi
Homekit Floodlight Security Camera
Best Floodlight Security Camera Hardwired
Floodlight Security Camera Ceiling Mount
Floodlight Security Camera Smart Home
HD Security Camera Led Flood Light

What is a floodlight security camera?

As the name specifies, floodlight particularly comes with a wide beam of light to illuminate larger areas. Incorporated in security cameras, these lights are activated with a motion detected in the defined range.

Speaking of the functionality and performance, not every floodlight is the same when it comes to luminous, connectivity, and other features.

For your convenience, we have created a comprehensive guide to help you through the purchase process. 

Buying Guide – THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU BUY A Floodlight Security Camera

Amongst all, brightness and camera quality are the most crucial features of the best floodlight cameras that you must not overlook.

Camera Resolution

You will find a wide range of options when it comes to resolution. It starts from 2k up to 720p or 1080p. These numbers depict the horizontal line of pixels. The higher the number, the higher the resolution of the image or video.

When choosing a floodlight security camera, the resolution is important as it determines how clear the image will be, especially at night.

Night Vision

Do not forget that some cameras come with night vision. On the other hand, cheaper models do not offer IR for night vision, which you have to make sure of before making a purchase.

However, IR cameras work in a stealth mode. It means that it does not alert the visitors of any security camera being around.


The area a floodlight covers is determined by the brightness of the light along with a field of view.

To determines the coverage of a floodlight, you must look at the output mentioned on the box, which is measured in lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the better and wider the luminous.

The range of a floodlight is generally measured as “throw”. Know that the better the throw is, the farther the throw will be. Most of the floodlights give an output of 2,000 lumens, which projects the light up to 30 feet.


Similarly, the lumens are for the brightness of the floodlight, visibility to a certain distance determines the coverage of the camera. It is known as the field of view.

Most decent cameras offer 115 degrees to 140 degrees horizontal and around 80 degrees vertical view. Understand that the wider the field of view the more area is visible in monitoring.

Power Source

It is another important factor to consider while purchasing the best floodlight camera. It adds to the portability and connection of the camera at your home and the places you want to monitor.

There are two options to choose from;

Battery Operated

  • These cameras get their power from the battery used. Some cameras support AAA lithium batteries. On the other hand, most come with rechargeable batteries.
  • They offer convenience when it comes to wireless installation.
  • Contrarily, battery operated cameras have a limited power source.
  • They need to be recharged or changed over a while.
  • It may require removing the camera from its place and changing or taking out the battery for recharging.
  • Most batteries last 6 months before they need to be changed.

Whereas, some floodlight Security Cameras outdoor offer solar-powered charging.


  • These cameras need existing or new hardwiring to connect to the power box at your home.
  • It may require professional installation.
  • You can install hardwiring cameras at your home if it has an instruction manual with simple DIY tools.

Motion Detectors

Floodlight cameras feature motion sensors that monitor the activity in the defined area around your home.

Whenever there is activity around the field of view of the camera, it activates the alarm or sends notifications to your device as per the configuration.

There are two options to choose from as per your personal preference; defined coverage and variable customizable coverage.

Since some cameras come with a 140-degree horizontal field of view for motion detection.

However, cameras with variable coverage allow you to specify the parts of the property that needs to be monitored.

Customizable cameras help you in eliminating the false alarm by setting it for specific parts.

Smart Home Compatibility

It is another useful feature for floodlight home security cameras. Smarthome compatible cameras connect to your home’s WIFI. Since giving you access to live-view or the data stored on the cloud.

Smart home compatibility cameras offer access to your smart devices and also voice commands. Hence, these cameras send a notification, start recording, or instant preview to the activity around the home.


You will see two major options for storage when it comes to home security. For instance, local or cloud. This feature depends on your personal preference and use of a camera.

Both the options come with their own set of pros and cons.

Local storage is the built-in SD card, which gives you a limited time and space to keep your data. Once the memory is full, you must have to erase or transfer the data to make more space.

Whereas, for cloud storage, you get unlimited time and space to keep your data.

The downside to cloud storage is that most companies offer paid cloud services. It can be limited if you are not willing to invest more in your home security.

Therefore, you still are limited to a certain space. That is to say, if you get premium access, there are no limitations.

Other Features;

Besides the main functionality, there are other things that you must not overlook that can add convenience and additional protection to your home. For instance,

  • Battery Backup; with some good floodlight cams, you get an additional battery for urgency. They last up to several days to be recharged and use if you are out of power.
  • Siren; unlike, traditional home security cameras, floodlight cameras come with speakers. The siren is activated along with the light to alert the trespassers. You have an option to activate the siren manually when the activity is noticed or you can also set the timer.
  • Encryption: well, this is the most noticeable feature that adds a layer of protection to your home security. Some companies offer end-to-end encryption, which only gives access to an authorized user. It also helps in preventing hacking. Hence, these cameras are connected to your WIFI, which has potential chances of hacking.

Speaking of choosing the best floodlight camera security system, real-life floodlight security camera reviews are beneficial to understand how a certain product works fine for different people.


Whether you are looking for a floodlight Security Camera wireless or hardwired, we have got you covered.

Here are 15 top-rated cameras for home;

1. Eufy Security – Two-Way Floodlight Security Camera

eufy Security
Eufy Security
● Connectivity protocol: WIFI
● Technology: Wired
● Resolution: 1080p HD
● Storage: Local
● Sensors: Custom Motion detection
● Lumens: 2500
● IP65 weatherproofing
● Alexa and Google compatible
● 100dB alarm
● 5-year light life

Unlike traditional floodlights, Eufy floodlight cameras enhance your home security with surveillance, two-way audio, and video.

This floodlight camera offers a 1080p resolution. It records videos and captures images in HD at any time of the day. There are no hidden charges for storage and usage for customer’s 100% satisfaction.

With its 2500 lumens of brightness, it turns your night into the day. Since allowing you to capture the outdoor activities. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a loud 100dB alarm. It triggers to scare off potential intruders.

  • Adjustable brightness settings
  • Customizable detection settings
  • No hidden charges
  • Instant alerts; live-view and recording
  • One-time purchase security
  • Not compatible with HomeBase

2. Snoeir – Floodlight Security Camera Battery Powered

● Connectivity protocol: Wifi
● Technology: Wireless
● Resolution: 1080p HD
● Storage: 128 GB SD card or Cloud
● Sensors: PIR Motion Sensor
● Lumens: 2,500
● Smart Lighting
● 2-Way Audio
● IR Night Vision
● IP65 waterproof
● Alexa compatible

Snoeir has made it to the top 15 list because of its useful features and simple installation and user interface.

You can toss your videos into the cloud or onto a MicroSD card for safekeeping.  a subscription service to open cloud recordings

Not only can you watch the live broadcast from anywhere, but so can your family. Invitees can be added to the IPC360 Home app, and then you can all share the same vision through the same camera.

It works with Alexa devices to launch on-demand video with a simple voice command.  You may use words like “Alexa, show me the Floodlight Cam” to control your Floodlight Cam and footage.

With its dual motion-activated ultra-bright floodlights, it shines 2500 lumens on activities.  You can enjoy colored night vision up to 40 feet, even if it is pitch black.

It features distinguishing between people, cars, and other objects at any time of day or night.

This camera is made to last every season with its  IP65 weatherproofing design to resist bitterly cold winters, severe thunderstorms, and dry, hot summers. The temperature resistance ranges from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Remote siren activation
  • Variable floodlight and motion controls
  • Manual and automatic mode
  • Simple, reliable, and secure
  • 40 ft night vision in pitch black
  • None to be seen as far

3. Arlo Essential Spotlight – Spotlight Security Camera No Hub

Arlo Essential Spotlight
● Connectivity protocol: Wi-Fi
● Technology: Wireless
● Resolution: 1080p
● Storage: Local
● Sensors: Motion
● Lumens:
● Colored night vision
● Two-way audio
● No hub required
● Works with Alexa

Every home and family should be safe!

Arlo Essential Security Camera, day or night, captures the details in a full 1080p HD video for a sharper picture. With its 6 months of battery life, you’ll spend less time recharging it often. It connects to Wi-Fi without the need for additional equipment.

The Arlo Essential is wireless and weather-resistant. It allows you a quick setup and flexibility to achieve the ideal camera view. At night, with color night vision, it views crucial elements like faces and license plates in full color with the embedded flashlight.

You can deter the visitors by using the Arlo App to activate the siren or integrated spotlight. There is an automatic or manual selection for coverage.

  • Fast and wire-free setup
  • Secure data to base-station
  • Motion sensors are over the boards sensitive
  • Do not record after the subscription

4. Geeni Sentry – Security Camera Without Subscription

Geeni Sentry
Geeni Sentry
● Connectivity protocol: WIFI
● Technology: Wireless
● Resolution: 1080p
● Storage: SD card
● Sensors: Motion Sensor
● Lumens: 2100
● Live recording and playback
● Two-way audio
● Shared access
● No hub required
● IP65 weatherproof
● Blaring siren
● Light scheduling
● Works with Alexa and Hey Google

This security system connects to your internet connection. All you have to do is download the Geeni app, install your wifi security camera, and connect.

It offers direct monitoring and motion detection alerts to your smartphone, PC, or tablet with up to 9 camera feeds at once.

You can deter attackers with its ultra-bright motion-activated spotlight and a loud siren alert.  Lights can also be programmed to turn on and off as per your requirement.

  • No monthly fee
  • 1-month free cloud storage
  • Geeni app support
  • Wide-angle lens
  • No webpage access to data
  • The junction box is not protected from weather conditions

5. Amcrest – Floodlight Security Camera With Free Cloud Storage

● Connectivity protocol: WIFI
● Technology: Wireless
● Resolution: 1080P
● Storage: 256GB Local and cloud
● Sensors: PIR Motion sensors
● Lumens: 2,000
● 110 dB siren built-in siren alarm
● 114° View
● IP65 Waterproof
● Two-way audio

Amcrest offers stunning full 1080p HD recording at 30 frames per second (1920×1080). Its  114° viewing extra-wide angle, allows you to cover every angle.

This floodlight camera comes equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way audio, allowing you live interaction.

This WiFi camera has active deterrents such as a loud 110db security siren and illuminating built-in floodlights that can be triggered manually, automatically, or by motion detection to frighten off would-be burglars.

The Amcrest Smart Home software can also adjust the outdoor floodlight camera between manual, automatic, and motion detection modes.

  • Ultra-high night vision
  • Easy to install
  • Dual storage options
  • Limited compatibility with Amcrest View Pro
  • Not compatible with Amcrest Cloud

6. Ring Floodlight Cam – Floodlight Security Camera With Motion Sensor

Ring Floodlight Cam
Ring Floodlight Cam
● Connectivity protocol: Wifi
● Technology: wired
● Resolution: 1080p HD
● Storage: cloud
● Sensors: motion sensors
● Lumens: 2,000
● 105dB security siren
● Two-Way Talk
● Customizable motion zones
● Color Night Vision
● Two LED floodlights
● Works with Alexa

Ring floodlight camera comes with the most convenient yet efficient home security. It offers real-time notifications and live-view when an activity is noticed. You can instantly access the live view, turns lights on and off, and speak on the mic with the visitors.

This camera allows you to create your personal motion detection zones. Hence, it takes up less storage and starts recording only when you schedule it. Besides that, you only receive alerts and notifications that are the most necessary.

Overall, a floodlight Security Camera Ring is a useful addition to your home security. You can receive real-time notifications on smart devices from anywhere with the Ring app.

  • Motion-activated notifications on your phone, tablet or PC
  • Live View in Ring app
  • Quick and easy hardwire installation
  • Ring Protect Plan record, review, and share up to 60 days
  • Subscription sold separately

7. EZVIZ LC1C – Weatherproof Floodlight Security Camera

● Connectivity protocol: WIFI
● Technology: Wireless
● Resolution: 1080P Live View
● Storage: 256GB SD card or Cloud
● Sensors: PIR Motion Detection
● Lumens: 2000
● Two-Way Audio
● Sleep mode
● IP67 Weatherproof
● Night vision
● Smart-lighting
● Works with Alexa
● Dual storage

The EZVIZ LC1C is your two-in-one security camera with an outdoor floodlight in one. It provides security and nighttime illumination in the yard, driveway, and anywhere installed.

The LC1C Camera does more than just shoot 2,000 lumens of light. It also features dual monitors to keep an eye on your surroundings with active protection and real-time motion warnings.

The LC1C is great for recording videos in every weather condition from rain to storms and dust. It offers smart home integration. You can control your settings with Amazon Alexa for better and safer security.

  • 1-month FREE trial cloud storage
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Built-in siren
  • Only white light option available

8. StarVision – Floodlight Security Camera Solar Powered

● Connectivity protocol: WIFI
● Technology: Wireless, solar power battery
● Resolution: 1080P HD
● Storage: Cloud
● Sensors: PIR motion sensors
● 10400mAh Battery
● Solar Panel Powered
● IP65 Waterproof
● Night Vision
● Two Way Audio
● PIR Motion Detection
● Smart Life APP

Speaking of the quality and functionality, the Starvision floodlight cam system is IP65 waterproof, which makes it perfect to use in any weather condition.

It only requires a few minutes to set up. This waterproof battery camera is an amazing choice for indoor or outdoor use.

The best thing about this camera is that it does not require any cables to deal with. It records 1920×1080 high quality, smoother and crisper video.

Adding convenience to your home security, it lets you see live video remotely and communicate with individuals who aren’t in front of the camera using a free phone app.

  • Wide-angle lens
  • AI human detection
  • Solar power energy saving recharging
  • Exceptional IR night vision
  • Complete wireless
  • Quick and simple setting
  • Smart Life” or “Tuya Smart app support
  • Connects only to 2.4 GHz Wifi
  • Solar panels are sold separately

9. Swann – Smart Floodlight Security Camera

● Connectivity protocol: WIfi
● Technology: Hardwired
● Resolution: 1080p HD
● Storage: Local/Cloud
● Sensors: Motion/Heat Sensors
● Lumens: 2,500
● Dimmable Motion Lighting
● 2 Way Talk
● WiFi Surveillance
● Indoor/Outdoor Color Night Vision
● True Detect Heat Sensing
● Alexa/Google compatible

This camera has it all; evidence, visibility, interaction, and attention. Its strong floodlights, 2-way communication, video recording, and a siren give burglars second thought about trespassing your property.

There’s nowhere to hide with 2500 lumen floodlights. It features colored night vision up to 100 feet, allowing you to distinguish people, cars, and other objects at any hour.

Along with motion detectors, it features heat detection. When it detects any movement or heat, you receive a push message.

Speaking of installation and setup, it is very easy to install. If you have previous experience with home security systems installation, you just have to replace the devices. However, you can also get professional help for set-up.

  • It also has heat detection
  • 12 months warranty
  • Set and forget surveillance
  • Colored night vision
  • Free cloud storage for 2 days only
  • Wifi connectivity issues (for some)

10. Arlo Pro 3 – Floodlight Security Camera Wifi

Arlo Pro 3
Arlo Pro 3
● Connectivity protocol: WIFI
● Technology: Wireless
● Resolution: 2k HDR
● Storage: Cloud
● Sensors: Motion sensors
● Lumens: 3,000
● Two-way audio
● Live video streaming
● Motion detection alerts
● App control
● AI object detection
● Works with Alexa, Google HomeKit, Ok Google, SmartThings
● Colored night vision

Arlo floodlight security is one of the best of all. It does not require a hub or base station to work. You can directly connect it to your wifi connection. With its ultra-bright light, you get better coverage at night.

It comes with Arlo’s Secure 3-months plan, which allows you to receive notifications for persons, vehicles, and packages and take faster action, such as sounding the siren, calling a buddy, or dialing emergency services. 

Adding convenience and security, you can automatically or manually deter unwanted visitors with Arlo App.

Arlo offers the best smart home integration with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings.

  • No hub required
  • Two months free trial for cloud storage
  • Arlo secure plan offer CO detection and other additional benefits
  • Zoom in for sharp details
  • Superior brightness
  • Does not come with a smart hub
  • Do not record video without a subscription

11. Netatmo – Homekit Floodlight Security Camera

● Connectivity protocol: Wifi
● Technology: Wireless
● Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
● Storage: MicroSD card
● Sensors: Motion detectors
● End-to-end encryption
● Smart integration; Alexa, Hey Google, Apple HomeKit
● Custom alert zones
● Integrated floodlight
● Infrared night vision
● Variable brightness

Unlike traditional cameras that alert you whenever movement is detected, Netatmo can tell the difference between humans, cars, and animals.

If someone is lingering outside your house, a car enters your driveway, or animals are in the garden, it will alert you accordingly.

Every house is different. Presence sends you personalized notifications based on your preferences.

You can choose to be notified immediately if someone enters your specified zone. You can also opt out of receiving animal notifications at your convenience.

It comes with built-in smart lighting, which keeps you safe 24/7.

  • Free video storage
  • Permanent updates without a subscription
  • Quick and easy DIY installation
  • Comes with a 10 GB memory card
  • Detection up to 15 m
  • There is a delay in the live feed
  • Stock Mirco SD is not up to the mark

12. Home Zone Security – Best Floodlight Security Camera Hardwired

Home Zone Security
Home Zone Security
● Connectivity protocol: WIfi
● Technology: Hardwired
● Resolution: 1080P full HD
● Storage: 128 GB Local
● Sensors: Motion
● Lumens: 2,600
● 110-decibel siren
● Home Zone Smart app
● Works with Amazon Alexa
● Super wide 150-degree coverage

This camera adds to the convenience of remote light control. You can schedule motion detection, siren, a live view with a screenshot or recording option, and much more.

Home Zone features a smart app that sends push notifications along with settings to manage the floodlight from your phone.

It supports Amazon Alexa to control the live stream with voice commands such as “Alexa, display my Floodlight Camera.”

Speaking of storage, you get the option to choose from the event or continuous recording.

It saves the data to a local Micro SD memory card, without the need for paid storage. You can download clips directly to your mobile device via the Home Zone Smart app.

  • Download event clips directly to your mobile device
  • Event recording option
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Push notifications
  • No subscription needed
  • Memory card does not work sometimes (for that, insert into PC to format to FAT32)

13. SV3C Security – Floodlight Security Camera Ceiling Mount

SV3C Security
SV3C Security
● Connectivity protocol: Wifi
● Technology: Wireless
● Resolution: 1080P Onvif IP Camera
● Storage: 28G SD Card
● Sensors: Motion activated
● Lumens: N/A
● Two-way communication
● Colored night vision
● IP65 Waterproof
● Text and email alert with snapshot
● Ceiling Mount and Wall Mount
● CamHi app

This dome WiFi camera can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The installation is super easy for this one. Simply separate the tail of the camera and adjust the camera direction to alter the mounting technique; it’s simple and convenient!

You may also specify multiple preset locations for the camera, and it covers the entire area, allowing you to keep an eye on everything!

The new Pan Tilt dome camera has alarm recording and continuous recording capabilities, and the recordings are immediately saved to a Micro SD card.

  • Pan and Tilt
  • 3-night vision modes; normal, color, smart night vision
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • No zoom-in
  • Spotlight does not cover much area
  • Does not include an SD card

14. Ring Smart Lighting – Floodlight Security Camera Smart Home

Ring Smart Lighting
Ring Smart Lighting
● Connectivity protocol: Wifi
● Technology: Hardwired
● Resolution: 1080p
● Storage: Cloud
● Sensors: Motion activated
● Lumens: 2,000
● Works with Alexa
● Adjustable auto-shutoff timer
● Smart control with Ring app
● Horizontal and vertical mounting
● Comes with a Ring bridge

The Ring is one of the most advanced, simple, yet efficient home security. You can add motion-activated lighting over high-traffic areas to shine 2000 Lumens of brightness.

Adjustable settings for specified motion-activated zones, allow you the freedom to control the areas you want to monitor and when.

It comes with the Ring Bridge, which comes with the Starter Kit for smart control of other Ring lights, doorbells, cameras, and motion sensors. With its custom settings, you also save some space.

The Ring Bridge sends notifications through the Ring app on your smart devices like your phone and other Alexa-enabled devices. Last but not the least, you can install it anywhere without worrying about rain, storms, or dust.

  • Ultra-bright light
  • Customizable settings
  • Weather-resistant
  • Smart group lights integration
  • Do not support local storage

15. Rreslicam – HD Security Camera Led Flood Light

● Connectivity protocol: Wifi
● Technology: Hardwire
● Resolution: 1080P
● Storage: MicroSD/Cloud Storage
● Sensors: Motion-Activated
● Lumens: 1,800
● PIR Spotlight
● Siren Alarm
● IP65 Waterproof
● Night Vision
● Two-Way Audio
● UV resistant
● Alexa White
● QR code net-pairing

Nothing escapes your eye with Rreslicam. You can turn on or off the alarm when the motion is detected through an app. It also allows you to turn on the alert feature in the app to receive an instant notification.

You can turn on or off the alarm when the motion is detected through an app. It also allows you to turn on the alert feature in the app to receive an instant notification.

This floodlight camera can easily be hardwired to an existing outlet. It features an improved external antenna that strengthens the wifi signals.

  • Detects warm moving objects
  • Wider field of view
  • 40ft night vision range at pitch-black
  • Turn on/off status light in-app
  • Allow multiple users – up to 5
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Free cloud storage for 30 days
  • Brightness is just fine


Well, considering the best choice amongst the swarm of floodlight security cameras, it is important not to overlook your personal preferences.

For instance, where you will be putting it, how many videos or image recordings you wish to have, and if you want a hardwired system or wireless.

Along with personal preference, key features and floodlight camera security reviews will help you in understanding the real-time experience.

Not every camera that works fine for your neighbor may not work the best for you. That is to say, every home differs in needs just as every camera differs in performance and quality.

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