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15 Best NVR Security Camera System

Home security is everyone’s need and all of you deserve to feel safe on your premises. Investing in the best home security not only safe you money, but also effort and hassle.

The best NVR security camera system offers ultimate security to residential places.

Built the best home security around your home with powerful NVR cameras which won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

However, you may have to pay keen attention to what to consider and what must not overlook while making the purchase.

15 Best NVR Security Camera System: A Quick List

4K Ultra HD fusion NVR security camera
Weatherproofing, Night Vision, Motion detection more…
Wired and wireless network, Custom motion detection, more…
Bullet PoE Security Camera System
Face detection, 30 days of video saving, more…
Face recognition, Google and Alexa compatibility, more…
Smart alerts through the alarm, Remote monitoring, more…
Color night vision, Wide monitoring range, more…
Smart person detection, IP security camera system, more…
Works with Alexa, Advanced motion detection, more…
Expandable for four cameras, 5MP high resolution, more…

What is an NVR security camera system?

NVR (network video recorder) security system record videos and directly send or store them to designated storage, local or cloud. Moreover, these cameras are more advanced, also known as IP cameras.

That is to say, IP cameras are known to process everything from recording to storing without the need for any other devices.

However, they require connectivity to the internet via ethernet cable or wirelessly. It depends on the device configuration and your personal preference.

We have created a comprehensive guide to help you weigh your personal preference along with essential features that make or break the best home security.


You may feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding the best outdoor wireless security camera system with network recording. That is to say, especially if you are getting your hands on an NVR security camera system.

Types of NVR systems

While purchasing the best NVR home security camera system, you will see two major types;

  • Standalone NVR
  • Standard NVR

Standalone Network Recorder

A standalone network video recorder (NVR) or a standard network video recorder is powered over ethernet (PoE).

The major advantage of the standalone NVR security system is that they do not degenerate the quality of the video.

Standalone NVR security systems are hardwired and wireless.

Wireless cameras are powered by batteries. Therefore, which is particularly useful if the camera is located in a remote location.

Standard NVR

Standard NVRs work without Power over Ethernet (PoE), which makes them cost-effective. These systems are better suitable for larger enterprises. The installation for these systems is quick and easy in comparison to


The quality of the image and the video recording depends on the resolution of the camera. However, a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels is suitable in the majority of applications.

Whereas, a full HD/1080p resolution delivers a sharper image at a modest cost increase.

The use of high-resolution cameras with higher resolution is highly suggested for covering big areas to cover minute details. On the other hand, smaller areas can be covered with a standard 12808 x 720 resolution.

Field of view

It determines the coverage or the area that a camera is capable of covering.

Most cameras range in between 45 degrees to 115 degrees. Whereas, some high-end cameras offer a full 360 view angle with 90 degrees of tilting.

Motions sensors

With the advanced technology, most cameras at affordable rates offer motion detectors for security purposes. For instance, if there is any motion detected in the specified zone or the sensors reach, they activate recording or send alerts to the phone.

The major benefit of motion sensors in the camera is that it helps to save a lot of space on the card or cloud.

That is to say, as the price range steps up, some cameras offer customizable settings for motion detection zones. Moreover, some brands feature heat sensing in their cameras.

Hence, they can distinguish between an object and a human.

Night vision

It is paramount to security cameras because most of the thefts occur at night. The security camera’s night vision features allow capturing pictures or recording videos in colors at night.

Night vision cameras are integrated with infrared LEDs. These lights cannot be seen with a naked eye. Therefore, they help in better surveillance.

Remote access

It is important to go for a camera that features remote access to the camera along with other useful features. For instance;

  • Remote access to the camera footage
  • Locking and unlocking of the doors
  • Setting parameters
  • Zoom in, tilt, and pan options for a wider and secure view


Speaking of outdoor security cameras, weatherproofing is an essential feature to look for. If you are investing in a security system, go for a camera with at least an IP65 water rating.

Moreover, a good camera is capable of bearing hot and cold temperatures ranging from -35 degrees to 55 degrees.

Other features;

Above mentioned features are basic and every good camera must offer good functionality and performance.

Here are some other features that vary as per the camera model, design, configuration, and price.

While purchasing the best NVR home security system, you must consider looking for additional features that ensure added security along with convenience.

For instance;

  • A number of channels; refers to the number of cameras that can be attached to one unit.
  • Storage capacity; some security systems offer local storage, while others come with a cloud. Both the storage options come with their own set of pros and cons. However, the cloud is the best option to go for. It is unlimited and offers remote access to data.
  • Smart integration; refers to the connectivity capability of the camera with other home devices for better automatization. For instance, voice assistant, remote access to date, and live-view.
  • Two-way communication; some cameras come with a built-in speaker and microphone. Therefore, you can listen to the outside noise and also have an interaction with the visitors outside.

Hence, choosing the best home security system depends as much on personal preference as the key features.

15 Best NVR Security Camera System: Reviews

1.   REOLINK RLK8-810B4-A – Best NVR Security Camera System 4K

● Frame Rate: 25fps
● Remote Access: iOS/Android, Windows/Mac
● Working Temperature: -10°C +45°C (14°-113°F)
● Video Resolution: 3840×2160
● FPS: 25 frames/sec
● Night Vision: 100ft, 18pcs IR LEDs
● Field of View Horizontal: 87°; Vertical: 44°
● The person or vehicle detection
● Smart playback with filters
● IP66 weatherproof
● Remote access and sharing
● Smart motion alerts

Reolink’s 4K Ultra HD (8MP) PoE camera offers nearly four times the quality of a 1080p video. Even when digitally zooming in, their entire camera system provides you with vibrant quality.

PoE System with Plug and Play – Setting up and installing your security camera is made easier with a simple PoE connection.

You can experience smooth security coverage with a single network cable that stretches up to 330 feet. This is ideal for beginners as well as DIY camera enthusiasts.

  • 100% plug and play
  • Data encryption
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Colored night vision
  • None to be found

2.   Lorex 4K Ultra HD fusion NVR security camera

Lorex 4K Ultra HD fusion NVR
● Channels: 8
● Night vision: 150 ft
● Hard drive: 3 TB
● Resolution: 4K ultra HD
● Sensors: motion detectors
● Two-way audio
● Dual-motion LED detectors
● PoE continuous recording
● Lorex Home App
● Colored night vision
● IP67 weatherproofing
● Warning light and siren

Increase the clarity and definition of your home security with 4K Ultra HD resolution. This six-camera system will ensure that your house or business is completely protected.

Its long-range IR Night Vision gives crisp black and white video up to 150 feet Moreover, color Night Vision offers vivid color video at night. You may need ambient lighting for colored night recording.

Most certainly, these cameras are made to survive the worst weather conditions.

They have an IP67 Weatherproof rating. hence, they can work in temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) and as high as 140°F (60°C). It also comes with tough, all-metal housing for enhanced security.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No monthly subscription
  • Flawless face detection
  • None to be found

3.   Amcrest NV4108E – Best PoE NVR security camera

Amcrest NV4108E
● Resolution: 4K 3840x2160P
● Frame rate: 15fps
● FOV: 105°
● Night Vision: 98.4 feet
● Weatherproof: IP67 Metal Housing
● USB backup
● QR code scan for live view
● Video compression H.265
● CMOS image sensor

Amcrest camera offers high-quality UltraHD 4K footage. It features progressive scanning with a CMOS image sensor, 8M resolution, and Chipset.

Moreover, this camera features a 105° viewing angle that covers minute details.

Speaking of the design and configuration, this camera goes over PoE with simple and easy installation.

Furthermore, with the QR code on the NVR, you can scan it with Amcrest View app to get an instant live view.

  • Easy to install
  • Multiple alarm events
  • Pre-installed hard drive
  • None to be found

4.   OHWOAI Security Camera

OHWOAI Security Camera
● Weatherproofing: IP-67
● Night Vision: Metal bullet
● Resolution: 1920 x 1080P
● Storage: 1 TB hard drive
● USB backup
● 2.4 G wireless network
● Smart HDR function
● APP playback
● Motion detection

Unlike other cameras, OHWOAI camera’s wireless signal can be used as a repeater.

This function enhances wireless transmission and coverage.

Furthermore, it supports dual systems, with the ability to send data over both a wireless and wired network. Supports up to three segments of a wireless signal cascade.

The security camera system comes with its own 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Therefore,  it connects itself with the NVR automatically.

Hence, is not necessary to use additional or any external wireless network, which makes it more secure and efficient.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Support both wireless and wired network
  • Affordable
  • Delay in the video feed

5.   ZOSI PoE Security Camera System

ZOSI 1080p H.265
● Resolution: 1080p
● Weatherproofing: !P67 metal housing
● Night vision coverage: 120 ft
● Hard drive: 1 TB
● Sensors: motion detectors
● Wired and wireless network
● Smart HDR with 36 LEDs
● Custom motion detection
● Remote access

ZOSI’s self-developed H. 265+ video coding technique increases compression ratio and saves around 80% storage space.

You can view and operate your security system locally by attaching it to a monitor, or remotely on PC, or mobile devices via ZOSI Smart App, which is free.

Its custom motion detection allows you to tailor the coverage region for each camera. Therefore, it reduces or eliminates false alarms.

Furthermore, when the camera identifies moving objects or things, you will receive instant notifications and email alerts with screenshots on connected devices.

  • Easy to set up
  • USB backup
  • Compression technology saves space
  • Delay in the video feed

6. ANNKE H500 8CH Bullet PoE Security Camera System

● Viewing angle: 108°
● Resolution: 4K UHD
● Night vision: colored
● Channels: 8
● HDD: 2 TB
● Temperature range: -22°F to -140°F

● Audio recording
● IP66 weatherproofing
● Guarding vision
● Hik – Connect
● Built-in microphone
● Smart motion alert
● Vandal-proof design

Surprisingly, for the price, this CCTV system is quite well constructed. It offers easy and quick installation. You can access the camera from both your PC and smartphone.

This NVR system provides easier navigation, viewing cameras, wonderful night vision, fast motion detection, and everything else you could possibly need.

This camera comes with a 2 TB storage hard disc, eight high-definition cameras, eight data lines, and four long 100Ft cables.

Furthermore, it uses only a single power supply to connect all the cameras, with eliminates the need to connect them individually.

  • Variable installation
  • No monthly fee
  • Free smart app for remote access
  • 1-year warranty
  • None to be found

7. Hiseeu 5MP PoE Security Camera System

Hiseeu 5MP
● Resolution: 5 MP
● HDD: 1 TB built-in
● Channels: 8
● LEDs: 18 Nano LEDs
● Weatherproof: IP67 metal housing
● Face detection
● Video compression technology
● 30 days video saving
● Two-way audio

These cameras produce a high-quality image, and the face capture feature is a pleasant addition.

Each camera records sound individually. But, it is only available for playback when the video is played back.

Face capture does not appear to perform well in low-light conditions, but the cameras do, so you would not have to deal with it as a serious problem.

Some people may agree with the fact that it just moves up and down for modification, which means you’ll have to fiddle with the camera mounting to get it to the appropriate angle.

For a default installation, the camera usually points straight, which may not give you the desired angle.

  • Easy and simple installation
  • Wide PoE distance
  • Face detection is not efficient

8. Swann Security Camera System CCTV

Swann Security Camera
● Resolution: 4K
● Channels: 8
● HDD: up to 6 TB (built-in 2 TB)
● Night vision: 130 ft/40 m
● Sensors: PIR thermal and motion
● FPS: 15 fps
● Video compression
● IP66 weatherproofing
● SWAN security app
● Multi-camera live streaming

As the leading company in advanced security camera systems, Swann protects people and makes every home and company a secure environment.

This NVR system includes a video recorder that allows you to observe everything that is going on around you by employing advanced technology that dynamically creates 4K resolution using high technology.

Additionally, it incorporates heat-detecting technology, which allows you to benefit from immediate alerts, allowing you to take immediate action against any undesired activity.

It is very simple to set up in terms of installation. In addition, the NVR application is simple to use, and the smartphone app is quick to open and refresh when using a smartphone.

  • Quick start guide
  • Comes with theft-deterrent stickers
  • Colored night vision
  • Reliable wired connection
  • Secure wired connection
  • None to be found

9. Swann SWNVK-886804FB

Swann SWNVK-886804FB
● Resolution: 4K UHD
● Channels: 8
● HDD: 2 TB
● Night vision: 45 m
● Recording format: H.264 / H.265
● Sensors: heat and motion detection
● Face recognition
● Spotlight colored night vision
● Two-way audio
● Voice command smart integration
● Google and Alexa compatibility

This NVR security system provides sharp images and you can clearly see what’s happening around your space.

Regarding the channels, this system comes with 8 channels and detects through heat and motion sensors. This system is very efficient to use with Alexa.

You can see all of the cameras on your home computer as well as on the large-screen television in your garage.

Moreover, the voice command smart integration is another feature making it the best choice for buyers. The image quality is satisfactory.

  • Quick installation
  • No monthly subscription
  • Some find the system crashing often

10. ANNKE H800 4K PoE Security Camera System

● Resolution: 4K UHD
● FoV: 123 degrees
● Night vision: 100 ft
● Weatherproof: IP67 ABS housing
● HomeKit and Home Assistant compatible
● ANNKE vision app
● H.265 compression technology
● 24/7 offline recording

This security camera can be used indoors or outdoors, and it includes features such as WiFi that you will love because it eliminates the need to deal with wires during the installation process.

Additionally, the security system is plug-and-play and includes true Power over Ethernet capabilities.

Furthermore, it includes a built-in volume pick-up that can pick up audio from up to 20 feet away. With a crisp 5MP HD image, it is four times clearer than a 1080P image.

You can manually raise the brightness to a higher level for a superior viewing experience.

It is simple to set up, manage, and operate the system. All you have to do is scan the QR code in order to gain fast access to live streaming and playback capabilities.

It does not necessitate the use of wiring or a complicated installation. In addition, it offers color night vision and is water-resistant.

  • Ultra wide-angle coverage
  • Plug and play setup
  • 2 years warranty
  • Local storage is not efficient
  • HDD not included

11. REVO America Ultra Plus

REVO America Ultra Plus
● Video capture: 4 MP
● Connectivity: Wired
● Channels: 32
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night Vision: 100ft
● Viewing angle: 79 degrees
● Smart alerts through the alarm
● Hassle-free software
● Pre-installed 8TB video surveillance
● Easy firmware upgrade
● Remote monitoring

This camera security system comes with 32 channels having 4MP IP bullet cameras. The installation of this system is easy enough that you do not need any professional assistance.

The package comes with all the important accessories like manuals and videos so that the installation process would be easy for you. You just have to follow the steps in the guidelines and you are ready to go.

Additionally, this security system also features night vision and you can clearly see the live streaming up to 100 feet.

The system is totally weather-proof and supports compression up to 12MP. Regarding storage, the system offers a 32TB max hard drive capacity.

Through heat and motion detection, you will appreciate quick alerts and actions.  

  • Clear night vision
  • Quick alerts
  • Pre-installed surveillance
  • Reduced viewing angle

12. OOSSXX AI NVR Security Camera

● Video capture: 3K 5.0 MP
● Signal format: IP Network
● Storage Space: 2TB hard drive
● Streaming: 24/7
● Resolution: 1080p Full HD
● Color night vision
● Al human detection
● Real IP67 waterproof unit
● IR cut filter
● Wide monitoring range

Considering that it is a 4K security camera, the image quality is excellent. The cams are certified for 30 feet of night vision, and it is safe to assume that they are capable of achieving that distance with crisp pictures.

Grainy images begin to appear after 30 feet, however, depending on how your cameras are set up. This security camera provides excellent quality and is relatively simple to set up.

On the other hand, this system is strongly recommended for people who consider installing a surveillance system in place of the existing one.

The setup is simple, the picture is excellent, and if it comes to it, the siren can even prevent a thief if necessary.

  • 4K picture quality
  • Plenty storage
  • Great performance
  • Does not come with instructions

13. PANOOB 8CH 4K PoE Security Camera

● Channels: 8
● Storage space: 2000 GB
● Hard disk: 2TB
● Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
● Streaming: 24/7
● Expandable local video storage
● Easy remote access live view
● Smart person detection
● Crystal clear footage
● IP security camera system

This network video recorder (NVR) camera setup is just what you expect from a good camera.

The installation is uncomplicated even for beginners. Its 4K UHD image and video quality allow for better visibility of minute details. Night vision is reasonably effective even in pitch black.

You will find additional channels available on the PoE NVR. Therefore, you can add more cameras in the future if you so desire.

The only thing that can cause you a little difficulty is the configuration. When it comes to installation, it comes with a housing that is simple to put together and mount.

Despite the fact that the setup is straightforward and the cameras are plug-and-play, a basic familiarity with computer networking and protocols is required to make sure that the cameras are properly installed and working.

  • Incredible picture quality
  • Easy installation
  • Fast action
  • Quick alerts
  • None to be found

14. Lorex Wired NVR Security System

Lorex Wired NVR
● Connectivity: Wired
● Form Factor: Bullet
● Night vision: 130 feet
● Channels: 4
● Field of view: 88 degrees
● Works with Alexa
● Compatible to Lorex Home app
● Advanced motion detection
● Reduced unnecessary alerts

Speaking of the quality, this camera efficiently detected the presence of a person or a vehicle.

Therefore, it reduces the number of unwanted warnings and false alarms. It allows the users to set up 16 cameras to the NVR.

You can connect your smartphone or tablet to the Smart Home app to keep track of the things that matter most to you from anywhere.

Install a new 4K NVR, plug all of the cords, and you are ready to go. The newer models have a greater range and, of course, a higher resolution than their predecessors.

Although the camera’s image quality is excellent, it can only be used with the wires that are included.

Therefore, if you are replacing an older surveillance system with this system, you may need to re-run all of your cables to accommodate the new system.

  • Great picture quality
  • Wide view
  • Works great with the app
  • Better DVR would be appreciated

15. Anpviz 5MP IP POE Security Camera System Indoor

Anpviz 5MP IP POE
● Resolution: 4K UHD
● Channels: 8
● Storage space: 2TB HDD
● Streaming: 24/7
● Cable cords: 60ft
● Field of view: 108 degrees
● Expandable for four cameras
● 5MP high resolution
● Remote access from multi-platform
● Professional technical support
● Alerts via free mobile app

This system is reasonably priced in comparison to other alternatives. Therefore, it makes the best choice for offices and homes.

The NVR itself has an image resolution of up to 8MP, which is generally worth $300 or more if you try to get anything similar.

When it comes to surveillance, Anpviz offers two-way audio that enhances home security and adds convenience.

Hence, you do not have to go all the way to the door to speak to the visitor.

The camera’s image quality covers minutes details along with a broad field of view. It allows users to zoom in on details without compromising the quality of the image.

The recording program is incredibly simple to use. This NVR home security camera system offers smart connectivity for live view and real-time notifications. The software is quite simple to use it and connect to.

  • Good audio quality
  • Clear image quality
  • Easy installation
  • No cons as such


That is to say, finding the best home NVR security camera system is not just about the price and design.

Meeting your personal preference like how many cameras you need, how much area you want to cover, how much recording you mostly require, and if you want the system to be hardwired or wireless, is important.

Moreover, make sure that the camera you are using meets modern standards of home security.

For instance, smart devices connectivity, two-way audio, customizable detection zone, and more.

Once you are sure of what to look for in the camera, there are no chances to go wrong.

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