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About Us



Truly Gadgets is your one-stop to get the right security tech exposure. It’s a neutral forum to tell you all you need to choose for which device is your perfect match.

We do not stand for a particular brand or a product. Instead, we use and evaluate each of them with no regard to any favouritism and recommend what we’d use ourselves. Why? There’s only one reason, and that is: because you rely on us. We keep it in focus at all times.

Another important factor about the site is the team behind it. The group is highly technical to guide you about the best products to invest in, from a weather sensor or the entire security system. At Truly Gadgets, you’re covered.

Truly Gadgets and its team of professionals are always at your service, which means you can reach us any time, any day through our email, and we’ll be happy to help.

Why Do You Trust Us

With Truly Gadgets, you get what you see. We try our hardest to be as accurate and genuine in our stance as practically possible. Our tech savvy team members give each product a try at the office before putting it on the show, so it’s all firsthand experience that you get with nothing filtered out.

Our readers trust us for our authentic, unbiased, tried and tested gadget reviews and guides. The information we use is backed by solid facts and our direct experience.

Besides, the Truly Gadgets team is responsive to any solution that you may be seeking. You can connect to us in an instant, and we’ll cater to you for the best of our abilities.

Truly Gadgets views the reader’s contribution (comments or queries) as a learning tool for both ends. We have a comment section under each of our posts where you can add anything relevant to the post and call us out if we’ve missed anything, and that’s how we confide in each other and grow.

How We Review the Gadgets

Truly Gadgets caters to tech geeks with comprehensive tech product reviews that are taken through a process before being published online.

Our process includes three steps
that are:

1.   Research

2.   Experiment

3.   Deliver

We finalize our reviews with these steps, but this may not be enough explanation, so we want to take you through the reviewing cycle in detail for better clarity.

 Research: we hunt tech products that are trending by using different channels. Usually, we surf through platforms ( big names like Amazon,Alibaba) in the ecommerce industry to pick out users’ favourites and shortlist some of them as per our concern.

While our order is on the way, we assign a pair of teammates to dig out as much information as available on the web regarding our target product. After receiving the product, we switch on the product and use it for a couple of days.

Once we have adequate information at hand, our writers create review blogs, and after the editorial’s approval, we publish them for you.

Meet Our Team



Greg Mullen



Hi. I’m Greg. I like to describe myself as a tech enthusiast as I’ve always been fascinated with how technology has changed everything in a snap.I believe that there’s nothing that’s not impacted by the digital transformation, and it is the tech gadgets that have led the transformation.

In my pursuit of spreading tech awareness, I created this website in 2010. With this project, I aim to make tech data easily accessible for everybody.My main goal behind creating this website is to educate as many people as possible about different tech gadgets.


Jason Suarez



Jason is legit tech-savvy. With his 10 years of exposure in the tech industry, he learned the ins and outs of tech functionality. He has always followed his curiosity into the world of the latest technology influencing human life on a greater scale.

 Jason has been a part of dozens of tech organizations. He has learned a lot in the process and gained enough experience to evaluate any gadget that comes his way.

 He is especially into newer tech gadgets and focuses on how certain tech components tick together to give the best results.


Rachel Downs



Rachel is yet another member of this power team. She is by nature an amazing writer, she has accomplished more than enough. Besides being the best in her forte, she also shares the interest of her teammates.

 Unlike Jason and Greg, Rachel has great regard for cellular technologies. She writes about cloud computing, cellular or wireless devices and a bit of everything else that comes under the umbrella of ‘tech content’.

 Rachel is exceptional for creating review blogs for a newbie to have a peek at the tech industry. 

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