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Q Acoustics Media 4: A Big, Bold Soundbar

It’s the pilot season again when the summer is finally over and we can get back to the important things in life… new and returning TV shows.

Whether you’re waiting for the latest season of Superstore, looking forward to the hot new show Pitch, or anxious to catch the reboots of The Exorcist or MacGyver, you’ll want to have some audio to match the picture. Chances are that you have a good television, big and sharp, but likely lacking in sound quality.

That’s where a good soundbar comes in handy- like the Q Acoustics Media 4. Though the company is new to American shores, they’ve become well known in Britain after a decade of operations, building audiophile gear at affordable price points. Like many soundbars, this one is capable of being mounted to the wall or sitting on a stand below your TV and can accommodate 40-inch TVs and up to help fill even a large living room with sound.

There’s built-in Bluetooth with aptX and NFC support so you can stream from your mobile device in a pinch, using version 4, and can remember up to eight pairings, enough for your entire family and more.

Unlike many budget-friendly soundbars, this one includes a handy remote control. There are a good variety of connectivity options too, with analog RCA and 3.5mm minijack inputs, as well as a digital optical input, plus an output for an optional subwoofer.

There are no HDMI ports, but you’ll still find it easy to set up the M4 and get listening quickly. Inside, there are 65mm x 65mm ‘Balanced Mode Radiator’ drivers along with a 120mm x 150mm subwoofer, offering a combined 100W of power.

That’s loud enough to make the neighbors appreciate the explosions of Designated Survivor or the intricate dialogue of Falling Water. We noticed plenty of detail and an impressively broad soundstage with a wide sweet spot, allowing everyone on and around the couch to enjoy the action.

There’s plenty of energy too, and more low-end than most competitors thanks to the sizable bass enclosure.

Now, the M4 isn’t for everyone- it’s pretty large, and it’s not the most attractive model on the block.

The aesthetics are basic and the top-mounted physical buttons and basic LED light aren’t the sexiest or most convenient, though the matte black should go with every setup.

Available online and in stores, expect to spend around $379.99 for the Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar, a nice price for a solid addition to just about any home theater setup.

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