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Airturn: Eliminating Interruption

There are many things I love about New York City, one of them being the opportunity to hear and see incredible music. I love the range from rock to jazz, but my favorite is classical. Few things are as beautiful as watching a violinist passionately rip his screaming bow to shreds to Bach as his pianist partner in crime whimsically appears to have four times the humanly normal number of fingers.

I go to a lot of classical shows and I often notice the pause to flip the page. Many of my musician friends hate having to break from their performance or practice to turn that page. Well, my friends, we have a solution! Our world is quickly becoming paperless.

There are already countless apps for one’s iPad or tablet that will let you display your sheet music, but you still have to break from playing to touch the screen and move to the next page. However, with the new Airturn BT-105 page-turner pedals, you can finally go hands-free!

The concept is fairly simple. There are two pedals with a Bluetooth transmitter between them to connect with your iPad, Android Tablet, or computer. It takes over the “keyboard” function on the iPad, meaning if you need to type something out, you won’t have that option.

However, how often do you need to do that while performing? Nevertheless, the pedals are used to flip pages, page up/down, or up/down arrow. This can be programmed by pressing the pedals in a particular order. The best parts about the pedals are that they are silent, fairly inconspicuous, easy to use, and accurate.

The BT-105 is well made, easy to use, connect, and has a wide range of compatible software.

The pedals recharge via USB and the batteries can last around 100 hours, which is pretty impressive and sure to carry you throw plenty of performances! I know, for something that is app-driven, $120 sounds a lot, but we think it is a worthwhile investment.

Help your performance become interruption-free!

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