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Truly Gadgets takes pride in assisting our readers with their crucial buyer’s decisions. The buying guides you’ll find here are specifically centred on the tech devices that add to your and your loved ones’ security.


Our team has evaluated smart security systems, wired or wireless, and have gathered the data into the guides that you can get access to at Truly Gadgets… all for free.


We have guides for:


     Security System Cameras

     Residential Security

     Home Automation

     Home Network Security

     Tech gadgets


Would you mind taking a peek at each of these buying guides to get a clear picture? Great! Keep on reading.

Security System Cameras

Security cameras become your eyes and ears when you leave home. You can have live streams, recorded videos, two-way communication all in the system. But, not all security systems offer these benefits, so our buying guide will help you choose the one that does.


What will this guide help you with? They will help you decide which camera system is the best to protect your property, its valuables and your loved ones.


Your house is a place of great significance to you, and we understand it, which is why we have created the ‘security system cameras’ buying guide for you.


Tech Gadgets

Our tech experts are always

Residential Security

Residential security has become inescapable, especially as the rate of burglaries is shooting up constantly.


Home or residential security includes a set of smart tech devices like sensors, wireless alarms, doorbell cameras, motion detectors, outdoor or indoor cameras. You can either buy these separately or go for a package that security companies sell.


When you’re buying the residential security system for the first time, you can have a real struggle choosing the products and company but no worries. We’ve done experiments on your behalf, and we got you covered in our residential security buying guide to make certain decisions.


Home Automation

Home automation is a prevalent phenomenon in terms of the convenience it provides. At Truly Gadgets, we discuss it in the light of ‘smart security.


How do home automation and security work in harmony?


Most security systems come with apps that help you with seamless home devices integration in your smart security system.


In our buying guide for home automation, we discuss dozens of different security systems that come with mobile applications. So, you’ll save a lot of time and sign up directly for the system that clears your doubts.


Home Network Security

In our home network security guides, you’ll know how to protect your network which is otherwise exposed to cybertheft.


Hearing about network security, you may wonder why we need to protect the signals?


The answer is simple.


If there are no security measures for your network, you’re at the risk of losing all your sensitive financial data which is comparatively more serious.


We’re not saying that any of the security-needing zones can be compromised because it’s your entire life at risk, but your network security is equally crucial.


Our home network security buying guide will prepare you for this step from beginning to end.


Tech Reviews

Truly Gadgets is more about technology than anything else. All the security systems that we talk about are basically smart tech devices. Given the love of technology in Truly Gadget’s team, it doesn’t come as a surprise.



We use, evaluate and review all kinds of technology-backed devices in our blogs to help our readers make wiser purchases.



Truly Gadgets approaches each category in our buying guide with a rational, unbiased and practical standpoint so you’ll get the data you’re looking for without unnecessary fluff.

Truly Gadgets