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Epson’s EX7220 Projector: 3000 Lumens + Wireless For Under $600!

For those stuck with a mid-sized HDTV, or an older non-flatscreen model, we have a few changes to your living room that we’d like to suggest.

For starters, it’s really time to think about getting a new couch, don’t you think?

But more importantly, you should probably re-evaluate the way you watch and interact with media. After all, there is one easy way to improve your viewing experience, whether you’re watching the Oscars or the cinematic winners, the Super Bowl, or other sporting events: a projector.

With a bright enough projector, you can turn any wall into a huge screen, and you don’t need a screen or any special hardware.

The Epson EX7220 Widescreen 3LCD projector offers 3000 lumens, enough to be visible during the daytime, and its WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution means you can enjoy high-definition sources from Netflix to Blu-Rays. Gaming on your new PS4 or Xbox One is way more immersive with an 8-foot screen.

The Epson projectors aren’t simply for home theater use- in fact, this one is a great office projector, and perfect for holding impromptu presentations or spicing up previously boring meetings.

Our favorite feature is the inclusion of wireless LAN, so you can connect easily to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer without needing to string cables.

It’s not meant movies- latency issues and such- but it works ideally for quick, no-setup conference room takeovers to show off your Powerpoint screens. There is a free app available that makes things pretty simple.

We checked out the predecessor model, the EX7200, a few years back- and it continues to serve us well in regular use. And in the meantime, we’ve also tested out a few other models from Epson, like those from their ultra-light and portable Powerlite line and their Home Multimedia projector, the brighter VS350W.

We like the feature set on this newer one- enough brightness for most purposes, with HDMI input as well as S-video, RCA, computer VGA, and USB connectivity as well.

Compared with other test models, we found the colors to be balanced and rich, and blacks quite dark. It sounds about the same- 37 dB in normal mode- which is quite enough to be inaudible during most uses.

Automatic vertical image correction helps adjust to create a more ‘true’ picture, and there isn’t much warmup time or bootup time necessary. There’s no rainbow effect, common to older DLP systems, and

If you already have a projector, and it’s not 720p capable, then this is a great multi-purpose model to look at, with a great price and ideal feature set for most folks.

We have no real complaints- the only thing we’d mention is that the wireless dongle is external, so needs to be paid attention to when moving, and the remote is pretty boring, and (like most) requires line of sight which can be awkward.

The Epson EX7220 is a bargain, and sure to be our projector of choice in the office and for movie-watching parties for the foreseeable future. Available now, online and in stores, for under $600.

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