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Smart Home And Security Systems

I am sure you’re just like me which is why you are here.

We consider the security of our loved ones and property of utmost importance because they are precious, and we value them.

And… we are not alone in this. There are 175 million homes in the world today with smart security measures for the same cause. SECURITY.

Home automation and security systems are a great combination to achieve premium levels of protection around the house. You have connected devices to alert you about security threats whenever important, so you are always informed, and actions are never delayed.

There’s literally no space for misunderstanding here. Home automation and security systems work hand in hand to bring out the best possible results for you.

Let’s dive in to get as much as possible about how these two work.

Connected Security Solutions

Connected homes are prevailing globally, and the need is skyrocketing as we start to shift work from offices to homes. In fact, around 86% of all millennials are happy to invest in a more connected home.

Connected security solutions refer to all the linked devices to help your security systems work seamlessly.

These devices can be your cameras, audio systems, mobile phones, or displays connected to Wifi from where you can get instant help and notifications.

These security solutions have to be functioning at all times, and how do you ensure that? By choosing the best solutions out there.

Some of the top choices of today’s homeowners are:

  1. Simplisafe
  2. Vivint
  3. Frontpoint

All 3 of these solutions efficiently connect your devices, and they are reputed for their most vigorous security measures.

The IoT devices that we use in our homes are also among connected devices that are further protected with security solutions like the ones I just mentioned.

And now it’s time for us to have a look at the bigger picture.

Home Automation And Security Systems

As burglary reports reach a peak of one every 30 seconds, home security automation has become highly important to every responsible citizen.

Home automation and security systems are usually implemented together to take out the treasure (not gold) but the feeling of security.

How does this work?

Our world has shifted to wireless connections, which has made it very convenient for all homeowners like you and me to manage our security control from anywhere around the globe. All we need is just a good internet connection.

Wireless or cellular connections are the building blocks for home automation, which later contributes to a controlled security system by supporting sensors and cameras to record.

What Home Automation and Security System Offers?

Home automation and security systems offer a gazillion benefits when they are used together.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Central device protection
  • Device recognition
  • Device Profiling
  • Threat blocking
  • Network safety

When you have a security system integrated with home automated devices, you get overall security protocols in place.

Your devices are protected. They are recognized so no stranger can pose and enter your personal space. This also blocks online and offline threats to the system or data stored in it.

But how do you integrate these 2 to enjoy the perks? Let’s find out in the next section.

Home Automation Security System Integration

There will be 63 million American homes by 2024. That’s how smart home integration is spreading.

So, if you’ve planned to have a security system set at your home, remember that not all automated security systems come with easy installation, but integration is always easier.

Some security systems come with a DIY setup, while others don’t. But that’s not of complete importance as long as you know how to integrate your security system in your home automation.

Benefits of Integrating Home Automation and Security System in Your Home

An intelligent security home has device automation and a security system to provide you with the peace of mind that everything is under surveillance. With this, you’ll have:

  1. Home light control
  2. Audio control to detect sound and motion
  3. Cameras to capture movement
  4. Heating and conditioning controls.

With light controls, you can save electricity and handle the button switches virtually even when you’ve forgotten it before leaving home without fidgeting in panic.

Audio and camera devices help homeowners to keep an eye around their place. These devices are automatically connected for improved security implementations to work 24/7 and keep you notified.

So you’ve had a tiring day, and now you’re all ready to sleep in bed, but you’ve forgotten the remote control on the dressing table. No issues there!

You can quickly use an automated approach with a connected home device which is your phone! Click, and the task is done.

You wouldn’t have to go to sleep on a sour note. Just take your phone and control the temperature.

Security Systems To Try

As the need for smart security increases, so do the service providers. But you’re definitely not going to try every single one out there to see which one offers legit services.

So, I decided to help you through the nail-biting process as my top option.

  1. SimpliSafe

Simplisafe is a known name in security system monitoring. When I first bought my video doorbell, I chose SimpliSafe.

The installation is effortless, and the surveillance support is 24/7 available. SimpliSafe products protect users from fire, burglaries, and intruders with quick response dispatching services.

The top 4 properties of SimpliSafe products are:

  • Miniature sensors
  • Water-resistant products
  • Less expensive
  • Pet sensitive

SimpliSafe is basically its own competition when we talk about the best home security and automation features.

  • Vivint

Vivint is added to the list of “Overall home security systems” by many of the market participants. It’s not a DIY home security setup, so Vivint provides the professionals who install it for the first time.

The one feature that Vivint takes pride in is its early deterrence of crime. It has light and sound effects to scare anyone who has wrong intentions, so there’s no time given for the crime.

Besides that, Vivint has its own application. That’s my favorite aspect of this security company. You can do pretty much everything with the app. It has light, sound, temperature controls, and video camera streaming if you’re away from home.

Top features include:

  • Smart outdoor cameras
  • Video doorbells with sound and camera
  • Automatic door and window locks (with the app)
  • No struggles for home control mentioned above with smart automation

Vivint can be your top choice because it has a mobile application to be your friend in need, while SimpliSafe hasn’t introduced anything like that yet.

  • FrontPoint

Frontpoint is rated as the top security system 2021 by US News. You may wonder that I’ve quoted something similar about other systems, but it’s all true, and the statements are linked, so don’t forget to verify.

Frontpoint is on the list because it has the best customer service. Now I’m not disregarding the brand’s products completely, but it has rivals there. For customer service and quality products, Frontpoint is unparalleled.

Most of the products that this company sells are sensors. Some of them are:

  • Motion sensor
  • Window sensor
  • Glass break sensor
  • Smoke or heat sensor

Frontpoint also has an app (YAY!), so you can get access to all the controls without leaving your couch alone.

One remarkable feature that sets Frontpoint apart from its competitors is its intelligent schedule learning capability. It learns from the homeowners about their days and nights to judge signal authenticity.

  • ADT

ADT is an innovative home automation security system for real. Its features like dimming the lights, switching the security system on and off with all other controls are helping ADT stay different from others.

ADT uses Z-wave technology which literally makes the security system 10x more robust than without. Plus, ADT is not merely offering security services. Its products range from garage doors to indoor cameras.

Here is a list of how the ADT home automation security system is different:

  • Home security system
  • Fire and life safety
  • Home automation
  • Security for renters
  • Family solutions

All these products come with a 6-month money-back guarantee and free installation. But if you need regular maintenance, then you’ll have to go for charges.

ADT sells flexible products to adjust to your needs, so it’s basically a platform where you get all you need in one place.


Home security automation is not something new to you, and I’m sure by now, you know more about it than yesterday.

All this information can help you make a wise decision for your home and valuables. But, I’d still recommend you to read online reviews before investing a considerable amount of your money in a security system that might not fit your home.


What do you think about installing a security system for your home in 2021 and have an extra layer of protection, so you are always at peace?

Comment and tell me which one of the security systems you really like and will go for? I am eagerly waiting to read it!

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