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Papago! GoSafe 268: A Dashcam Rear View Mirror

Some automobiles have started to come with built-in cameras– they can help with parking, for instance, especially watching the rear of your vehicle while you are backing up.

But few of them have added a feature that can help in the case of accidents or theft, even though some insurance companies offer discounts for having one. We’ve seen quite a few of them, and they typically come in very similar shapes and sizes.

But the Papago! GoSafe 268 Dash Camera is built into a rearview mirror, which adds a convenient place to look to view the LCD screen.

It clips right over your existing mirror, meaning you don’t need to do a lot of work mounting it, and it records everything in full high-resolution 1080p.

Showcases originally at CES earlier this year, Papago! uses a high-quality Sony sensor for video capture, which handles lower light and changing lighting conditions better than many competitors. And yes, the exclamation mark in the brand name is intentional.

One obvious question: what happens if the car isn’t on, if it’s parked, and something occurs? The GoSafe 268 has you covered, with an internal battery and sensors that can power up your device automatically and take a quick ten-second clip if any sort of impact is detected.

Sensors can also automatically record a file if there is a collision as well. Many drive cams offer the latter feature but none the former, and this one is far more discreet than others- it won’t get stolen and you can leave it safely in your vehicle without much worry. Recording capacity is determined by the size of the microSD card inside, and the GS 268 supports up to 64GB memory cards, with an 8GB one included.

Compatible with a GPS antenna available separately, the Pagago! did vibrate a bit when we hit bumps, and there is a bit more installation than with some.

You’ll want to connect the 12V-24V power cable most likely to your car’s cigarette lighter charging port, and the cable is plenty long enough- we used a couple of pieces of tape to keep it flat and out of the way. Also somewhat unusually, the 268 records audio as well.

Available now, online and in stores for around $199, the Papago! GoSafe 268 is easy to use, won’t draw attention, and can help protect your automobile and your health.

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