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SureCall EZ 4G: The Sleekest Multi-Carrier Cell Booster

Every apartment has some flaws. In New York City, like many cities, there are many features that you’ll likely consider carefully: exposed brick, stainless steel kitchens, proximity to public transit, wood floors, decent light.

One thing you might not consider though: cell phone coverage. In many urban areas, phone coverage from most carriers has greatly improved in the past few years, but there are still plenty of dead zones and that means you can sign a lease, move in, and quickly realize that your phone is basically useless.

Don’t fret: just pick up a cell phone booster, like the SureCall EZ 4G, the latest model from this company that specializes in making sure your calls go through.

They claim that it’s actually the first all-carrier 3G and 4G LTE signal booster that doesn’t require the installation of a roof-top antenna. Typically, you’ll need an hour or so to install a booster system in your home or office, but this new system removes the need for an exterior antenna and combines everything into a much simpler combination. It’s perfect if you can’t get to your attic, and you want to be able to make calls from your desk or bedroom where the signal isn’t available.

The SureCall is basically plug-and-play, and it’s definitely the most attractive booster that we’ve seen. There are only two real components- a desktop antenna, a separate booster which you’ll put at your window, plus you still will need a wire between them.

There’s just a single power cord for both units at the window and you need to make sure there’s a 20-foot minimum distance between the two. Most of the competition that we’ve checked out in the past have been generally industrial-looking, but this one is sleek enough to show off a bit, and their awards certainly prove it.

Formerly Cellphone-Mate, the company dates back to 2011, but they’ve really amped up their game in the past few years. Where some cellular boosters can help with a couple of carriers, few are built to handle so many- this one works across five bands (PCS, Cellular, LTE, and 4G AWS), supporting all major US and Canadian carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile.

We tested using a few different phones, and multiple simultaneous connections can be boosted- and it works with voice calls as well as data.

And while you might only need one carrier boosted right now, buying a model like this helps future-proof your system so you won’t need to buy a completely different system if you change your service provider.

Note that you will need to register this device with your wireless provider and have your provider’s consent, but that’s a straightforward process that isn’t as scary as it might sound (it’s pretty simple to do for most carriers).

The SureCall can cover two rooms, and they even offer a three-year warranty to cover your purchase.

The only major downside is the price tag- the SureCall is a little spendy, and you can expect it to cost around $399 online and in stores.

But missing or dropping calls can be unprofessional and even expensive, so if you need a solution that works across different carriers with a minimum of fuss, the SureCall is the simplest and most sophisticated all-around cell booster that we’ve seen.

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