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11 Best Wireless Outdoor Security Camera With Long Battery Life (2022)

Are you seeking the best wireless security camera with long battery life? In that case, you’ve come to the right platform. Whether you’re monitoring your front or back yards, porches or paths, or anything outdoors for that matter, wireless outdoor cams can keep an eye on it all.

As soon as movement is detected, these devices will automatically capture video footage and store it safely. They will also notify you that motion is detected. However, there are a lot of factors that contribute in determining the battery time of a battery powered security camera depending on its type.

Let’s have a look at different types of wireless cameras for outdoor use.

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Several Types Of Wireless Security Cameras With Long Battery Life For Outdoor Use

Batteries or direct connections to electrical current provide cameras with the power they need to function directly depends on the battery life. Power outlets are included on the vast majority of cameras if not all of them. You must consider battery life performance as per your personal preference.

●      External Power Source

Some cameras need an external power supply in order to function properly.

●      Rechargable/Replacable Batteries

There are home security cameras that operate off of batteries. The fact that there are no cables connecting them to any source of electricity is what gives rise to the term “battery-powered cameras.” Because they are not connected directly to a source of power, the only concern is how long the batteries will last.

●      Solar Powered

Some home security systems need solar power to charge their rechargeable batteries. A solar panel is all that is required to charge the battery. It keeps charging for weeks. It is not necessary to use a cable for either the transmission of data or the delivery of electricity.

On the other hand, the continuous recording and use of cameras also determine the battery life. Moreover, while choosing extended battery life camera, it is important to know that AA batteries are larger in size than AAA batteries.

How Long Outdoor Security Cameras Battery Last?

In general, a fully charged extended battery life home security camera lasts for around 2 months with typical usage. Normal use is approximately 5 minutes of recordings per day. It depends if you are using motion-activated recording, daytime or nighttime motion, and object detection recording. This is comparable to the duration of the camera’s battery life.

In point of fact, even cameras with long year battery life give average recording time to record continuously, such as the Arlo cameras, through its paces throughout both the day and the night. We have attempted to determine the battery life of camera and how long would it survive in difficult settings by making it record nonstop footage. On average battery life of the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera for continuous recording in the daytime is 16 hours. Whereas, during the nighttime, Arlo Spotlight cam records for about 9 hours.

Since the extended battery life cameras’ sensor needs to work harder to capture a good image of the objects in low light conditions, even the security cameras with lengthy battery lives use battery power rapidly at night to record continuously. However, you can always choose the best battery life with a keen understanding of your personal preferences.

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If you don’t have much time, use the list below to quickly find the “Best Wireless Outdoor Cameras With Long Battery Life” on Amazon.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Bottom Line
Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera
Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera
Battery Lasts : 6 months/single charge
Bottom Line
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Blink Outdoor
Blink Outdoor
Battery Lasts: 2 years
Bottom Line
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The Wyze Cam Pan
The Wyze Cam Pan
Battery Lasts: 3 to 6 months
Bottom Line
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11 Best Wireless Outdoor Camera With Long Battery Life: Reviews

1.    Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

Arlo Essential Spotlight
● Battery life: 6 months/single charge
● Weight: 2.86 pounds
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: Colored
● Smart integration: Amazon Alexa
● FOV: 130 degrees

The Essential Spotlight surveillance & security battery cameras provide a fast, wi fi cameras setup that gives you easy installation freedom so you can get the optimal camera view.

With the help of a free app, you can receive notifications from your home security cameras for delivery people, family members, and packages on your Arlo devices. So you can take immediate action like sounding the siren, calling a friend or dialing 911 if you feel any threat. 

With clear two-way audio, you can hear and speak to visitors at your home with Arlo app. It can also be used as a baby monitor with a camera, audio, nanny cam, and pet camera. With color night vision it records exceptionally good HD video recording at night time.

The wireless battery powered security camera has been approved and tested to resist the worst environments, including heat, cold, rain, and sun.

  • Setup is quick, simple, and wireless.
  • Exceptional weatherproofing.
  • Two way talk.
  • Automatic or manual motion alarms.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Frequent false alarms.
  • Full access requires a subscription.
  • Require high speed wi fi connection

2.   Blink Outdoor Long Battery Camera

Blink Outdoor
● Battery life: 2 years
● Weight: 48 grams
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: Infrared
● Smart integration: Amazon Alexa
● FOV: 110 degrees

Blink Outdoor is a cordless battery-powered HD security camera that helps you watch your home day or night with infrared night vision.

This rechargeable battery camera offers quick and easy wire free installation, and there is no need for wiring or professional installation.

This battery powered security camera is made to withstand the weather, allowing you to protect your property, whether it’s inside or outside.

Blink indoor and outdoor can run for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries, thanks to its long battery life like Blink indoor cameras.

With the Blink Home Monitor app for blink indoor and outdoor cameras, you can get motion detection alerts on your phone. It offers multiple recording options, auto and manual, which allows you to configure custom motion sensor zones, so you’re only notified when you need to be.

With the Blink app’s live view and two-way audio features, you can see, hear, and communicate to visitors in real-time and look out for suspicious activity. If you already are using Blink indoor cameras, it is more convenient for you to combine all in one place.

  • Motion detection.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Videos can be stored in both local and cloud storage.
  • The sensitivity level can be adjusted.
  • Easy installation tools are included.
  • No secure sharing.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • Poor night vision.

3.   eufyCam 2C Outdoor Long Battery Cam

eufyCam 2C
● Battery life: 180 days full charge
● Weight: 1.4 pounds
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: Coloured
● Smart integration: Amazon Alexa
● FOV: 135 degrees

EufyCam 2C hd security camera allows you to see who’s there by watching records or live footage in fine clarity even at night.

Its 180-day battery prevents frequent recharging now and then. You can connect your camera to Amazon Alexa for comprehensive surveillance management.

The built-in bright light spotlight illuminates the surroundings, allowing you to see the entire scene in color clarity. Moreover, color night vision feature capture detail in the dark.

The outdoor camera can effectively recognize body shape and face patterns, thanks to human detection technology.

It helps to ensure that you are only notified when a person approaches, not a stray animal or other objects. Thanks to data encryption, your recordings are kept private during transmission or storage.

  • Detects humans
  • No false alerts
  • Secure sharing
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection areas can be customized
  • Minimal range
  • Poor face identification

4.   REOLINK Argus 2 Long Battery Life Camera

● Battery life: 6 months
● Weight: 1.15 pounds
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: Coloured
● Smart integration: Amazon/ Echo Spot/ Echo Show
● FOV: 130° diagonal

This device is equipped with a high-performance rechargeable battery that can charge directly via a wall outlet (using a Micro USB cable) or through the Reolink Solar Panel.

This device saves you money when it comes to battery life. Reolink Solar Panels are ideal for connecting external cameras to have non-stop battery all day and night.

This weather-resistant panel can be easily positioned to take advantage of maximum sunlight exposure. Save a lot of money!

Unlike 720p cameras, this color night vision hd security camera captures everything in 1080p (1920*1080) full HD video quality, which is incredibly clear and sharp.

No matter how dark it gets, it will keep going. The Argus Pro brings you high-quality vision up to 33 ft. without the need for extra illumination infrastructure thanks to the 2 Megapixel CMOS sensor with advanced starlight technology.

  • Free Reolink app for smart controls
  • Smart home integration
  • Wire free Installation is easy
  • Solid and durable
  • Downloading clips can be brutal
  • It is not suitable for cold climates

5.   Eufy Security by Anker eufyCam 2 Long Battery Camera

Eufy Security by Anker eufyCam 2
Eufy Security by Anker eufyCam 2
● Battery life: 365 Days
● Weight: 3.73 pounds
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: Low-light
● Smart integration: Alexa
● FOV: 140 degree

You can live-stream in 1080p Full HD and record footage in this format, so you can see everything that happens in and around your house.

From 1 Charge, a Year’s Security: Spend less time charging the battery and enjoy a year’s worth of battery power.

The one-time price of eufyCam 2 comes at zero hidden costs, and it provides security and convenience at the same time.

Streaming and recording in low light conditions are possible thanks to the Sony sensor’s advanced technologies.

A weather resistant waterproof-rated IP67 guarantee ensures the eufyCam two can withstand the elements in any weather situation.

  • Hardware is well built
  • The picture/audio quality is excellent.
  • 16GB local storage.
  • No hidden costs
  • Very sharp images day and night
  • Motion detection has a mind of its own.
  • The provided instructions were not very clear.

6.   KATTCAM Outdoor Camera

KATTCAM Outdoor Security Camera
KATTCAM Outdoor Camera
● Battery life: 2 – 3 months
● Weight: 2.7 pounds
● Resolution: 1080p resolution
● Night vision: 33ft colored
● Smart integration: No smart integration
● FOV: 355° horizontally and 120° vertically

Based on ratings for both the camera and its corresponding app, I decided to purchase the Kattcam Security Camera Outdoors.

Great size, easy setup, and precise image are the characteristics of this camera, and there is also a good infrared night vision feature.

KATTCAM’s wireless infrared night vision cameras are among the best you can buy because of their easy wire free installation and high-resolution cameras that produce clear images even in near darkness.

Among all the features, wide-angle lens is exceptional. It offers 120 degrees of coverage and 1080p resolution video quality at night and a range of up to 55 feet with the Kattcam Security Camera.

As soon as low light is detected, the IR mode automatically switches to black-and-white.

  • Wire free easy setup
  • The picture quality is great
  • Motion detection
  • HD video quality
  • A little bit pricey

7. Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera

Kami wire-free outdoor camera
Kami wire-free outdoor camera
● Battery life: 6 months
● Weight: 1.97 pounds
● Resolution: 1920 x 1080
● Night vision: SmartSens CMOS Sensor and IR CUT filter
● Smart integration: Do not support
● FOV: 140° wide-angle lens

As long as you’re not looking for something inconspicuous, the Kami Camera is a decent option with clear picture. It’s waterproof, has a solid sensor, and comes with quality night image quality.

Kami’s camera is disproportionately large because the 18650 removable battery power it.

These are the same ones that power tools and vape pens, and the batteries are easily replaced, and the camera is quick to recharge.

We noticed that Kami’s Wire-Free Outdoor Camera had some issues with wrong readings, but overall we found great footage.

It’s tight with the cloud storage, and we noticed an occasional false negative, but overall it didn’t disappoint.

  • Batteries that are available off the shelf
  • A good waterproofing system
  • Quite affordable
  • Movement detection can be shaky sometimes

8. Blink XT2 Outdoor Camera

Blink XT2 Camera
Blink XT2 Camera
● Battery life:2 years
● Weight:4 oz
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: 30 ft
● Smart integration: Alexa
● FOV:110°

A battery-powered option is ideal if you prefer that your security camera does not require electricity from a wall.

Still, you also wouldn’t want to replace the batteries continually.

The battery life of the Blink XT2 is impressive, lasting for two years on AA lithium cells.

You can customize the motion detection options and the temperature sensor in addition to the marathon battery life.

The camera can also be moved around if needed so that you can use it indoors or outdoors.

Besides the home automation features, there is also free cloud storage with this camera.

  • Incredibly long battery life
  • Integration of innovative home technologies
  • Lagging in the app has been reported
  • Lag can be a problem for some users
  • Storage in the cloud is minimal
  • Negative

9. The Reolink Argus 2 Camera

Reolink Argus 2
Reolink Argus 2
● Battery life: 6 months
● Weight: 9.2 oz
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: 33 ft
● Smart integration: Google Assistant
● FOV: 130° diagonal

Wi fi cameras like this one offers versatility that is hard to match. The camera is durable so that it can be placed indoors or outdoors, and it can also be connected to either batteries or solar power.

A base station is not necessary, so this can be set wherever you want.

Apps for your smartphone make it easy to stay informed about events at your home.

Motion detection can be set to send you a notification via push and even play a siren if you want to deter intruders.

You can view the live stream with your whole family simultaneously if you’ve got a big family.

  • It has an impressive night video recording
  • With this camera, you can see well at night
  • Chargers with multiple options
  • Both indoors and outdoors
  • It appears the siren doesn’t sound loud enough.
  • It’s not very loud, so if a siren is important to you, you might not like this camera.
  • Do not work with 5GHz wifi

10. The Wyze Cam Pan Security System

The Wyze Cam Pan
The Wyze Cam Pan
● Battery life: 3 to 6 months
● Weight: 8.8 ounces
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: 30 ft IR
● Smart integration: Alexa & the Google Assistant
● FOV: 120 degrees

Look at the Wyze Cam Pan for those looking for a good wireless security camera that won’t cost them hundreds of dollars.

Despite these limitations, there are still some impressive features, such as auto-track, which follows activity within your room, as well as the ability to pan and tilt using the app. You can also control smart lights and locks.

There are still interactive features such as two-way communication and artificial intelligence that tell you when a person enters a particular area.

Additionally, this camera has a infrared night vision range of 30 feet, which is even better than those that cost more. This inexpensive camera offers real value when you include 14 days of cloud storage.

  • Google Home integration
  • Two-way communication
  • An affordable price
  • Only the power cord is included.
  • A camera-equipped base station is required.

11. Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam
Ring Spotlight Cam
● Battery life: 6-12 months, 6,000 mAh
● Weight: ‎3.68 ounces
● Resolution: 1080p
● Night vision: 30 ft colored
● Smart integration: Amazon Alexa
● FOV: 140-degree

While Ring devices are known for their video quality such as the Ring stick and Spotlight cam, the Amazon subsidiary has also manufactured an impressive security camera.

Wireless spotlight cameras offer all the essential features: they have motion sensor, two-way voice communications, and can see quite well in the dark (primarily if you use a bright spotlight). However, their 1080p sensors aren’t particularly impressive.

Despite its 140-degree field-of-view and the fact that it’s not the cheapest camera in the world, you may not be able to get by with just one Spotlight Cam watching over your perimeter.

The Alexa system is a lot more convenient if everybody is involved with the Alexa ecosystem. One Alexa voice command is all it takes to keep you updated with your Fire TV device or Echo Show.

Furthermore, the system uses battery packs for quick battery replacement and can eliminate false positives like Ring stick camera.

Unless you have a porch or an eave that is covered, you should fit it under a porch or the eaves if you want it to last.

  • Custom motion detection zones.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Quick and easy wire free installation.
  • The product is not waterproof.

What Are The Best Wireless Security Cameras?

A wireless camera with long battery life is convenient since you can integrate security without having to deal with complicated setups, which require drilling into walls and requiring wires that could damage them.

By installing a wireless camera, you’re immediately more secure.

It’s traditionally been tricky to set up and operate battery powered security cameras because they are expensive and time-consuming.

Still, new wireless outdoor cams with a long battery life offer convenient things like affordable prices and easy to use and install.

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Wireless Outdoor Camera With Long Battery Life?

The first thing to look at is the battery. It would help if you also took any duration with a pinch of salt. Most of them are theoretical maximums.

Wireless home security cameras are designed to conserve power for the most part and only turn on when they detect motion or you choose to use live view; the more they are used, the shorter the battery’s life is.

Selecting an outdoor home security system with long battery life involves some factors to consider.

The best wireless cameras should not be overlooked when it comes to brightness and camera quality.

Image And Video Resolution:

A battery powered security camera with clear picture quality and high resolution ensures that you are always sure of what you are looking at.

The different camera comes with different resolutions. Moreover, the resolution significantly affects the battery life and storage.

●     Mid Resolution

Therefore, you need to consider mid-resolution cameras if you are not much into details. For instance, zoom in on faces, person detection, number plates, and more.

●     High Resolution

As the resolution goes higher, the price tag increase. Generally, most cameras have a 720p resolution at a decent price. On the other hand, most cameras these days offer 1080p video quality without affecting the price.

Power Source:

Several outdoor battery powered cameras can run only on battery’s power, including the Arlo and Blink cameras. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to run a power cord to the camera, making installation easier. Cameras with rechargeable batteries allow you to change batteries if required. However, if the battery encounters any fault or damage, you may need to change the entire camera battery.

The disadvantage of battery cameras here, however, is that you will have to replace or recharge the batteries periodically.

Two way communication:

It is important to look for a camera that comes with built-in speakers and microphones to meet today’s security needs.

Therefore, it allows you to communicate with your loved ones and the visitors on the other side and with the people inside the house. These days, most battery powered cameras have two way talk that offers security and peace of mind.

Motion Detection:

Being an important factor affecting the battery life of security cameras, motion detection plays an important role when purchasing the best battery powered security camera outdoor.

That is to say, some battery cameras offer continuous recording despite the movement outside the detection zones. Adjusting your camera angle to a location that only has required movement is ideal to minimize excess recording.

However, some cameras offer smart motion detection despite the camera angle. It allows you to set custom motion-activated areas. Only when the camera detects the motion, it start recording. Thus saving a lot of battery or space.

Camera Storage:

Speaking of battery powered security cameras storage, there are two major options you get to save videos. For instance;

  • Local Video Storage
  • Cloud Video Storage

Local Storage

The physical SD card is known to be local storage in security cameras. It is because you can locally access the files and recordings.

However, most security cameras do not support a smart app to access local storage. Therefore, it weighs down local storage in comparison to other alternatives for day or night recordings.

Cloud storage

The data stored virtually on the server is known as cloud storage. It is more flexible to store clips when compared to local storage. That is to say, you have the freedom to access your file remotely at any time without any subscription plan.

Moreover, with a subscription plan, you can increase the storage to unlimited. It also eliminates the need to erase the data manually.

However, on cloud storage, you get a limited number of days to keep your records. For instance, some brands offer 30-day auto-delete, whereas, others offer 60 and more days.

If you are in an emergency, cloud saving come in handy. In addition, you shouldn’t use security cameras that erase quickly since the evidence disappears with the recording.

Live View:

A wireless camera should give you the ability to see what’s happening directly inside or outside of your house in real-time. For instance, you can access your front door or porch from a smart app that comes with security cameras.

The night vision:

Break-ins are more likely to occur in the dark, so a wireless battery powered security camera with night recording is necessary. Some cameras feature colored night vision.

While others have a black-and-white view. However, colored night vision will take more battery and space.

Smart home integration:

If you’d like to turn your house into a smart home, a home security system with wi fi capabilities will make life easier by allowing you to automate functions with Apple Homekit and Google assistant. For instance, voice commands like “Google show me the front door” or communication with Apple Homekit “Alexa, set the motion detection to high sensitivity”.

Source of power:

It would help if you decide whether or not you want a 100% wireless home security camera, meaning a battery-operated camera that you must replace or one that is plugged into the wall.

There are two types of power sources for wi fi home security cameras.

What Is Wifi Security Cameras Range?

In an open field, the range of transmission for a wireless camera is quite long depending where you are using it.

  • Wireless Cam Range in Open Field
  • Wireless Cam Range in Open Field

Wireless Cam Range in Open Field:

The normal coverage area for a wireless camera in an open field is between 250 and 500 feet. For instance, outdoors, lawns, yards, buildings etc.

Wireless Cam Range In Closed Field:

On the other hand, the range of a wireless camera is somewhere between 100 and 165 feet when it is used in an enclosed space such as the inside of your house or room.

How Does The Field Range Affect Security Camera’s Battery Life?

If the range of your IP security camera is very extensive, the battery life may suffer as a result. Because of this, you should always bring the camera angle down so that the coverage area is focused just on the local region that you wish to capture.

This is essential because it minimizes the amount of background activity that occurs in the camera system, which in turn extends the battery’s lifespan.

Are Wired Security Camera Systems Better Than Wireless Cameras; Performance, Quality, and Installation

If you are wondering if getting a wire free camera is the right choice, so, it totally depends on what you’re looking for and where you want to use it.

There are significant distinctions to be made between a wired camera and wireless security systems, in spite of the fact that both types of cameras serve objectives that are comparable to one another.

  • Wired Camera
  • Wireless Camera

The following are the primary distinctions between a security camera that is hardwired and a camera that is wireless:

●     Wireless Cameras System

  • Does not utilize video cable to send.
  • Wirelessly sends the video signal captured by the camera to a device that may be seen on a screen.
  • Saves money and cuts down on the amount of time needed for installation.
  • Lower overall cost.

●     Wired Security Systems

  • Cables carry the video signal from the camera to a recording or viewing device so that it may be seen or recorded.
  • Uses video cable to broadcast. Setting it up takes a lot of effort and may be quite expensive.
  • More costly overall when purchased

Taking into account the distinctions described above? The correct answer is “No.” You are free to choose any one of these options and still achieve your goal.

On the other hand, wireless cameras are my top choice since they are so simple to set up and administer.

Up until this point, you have the ability to connect a wireless camera in addition to your mobile device to a WiFi hotspot.

There are a few decent wired security cameras available on the market today at competitive price points and feature sets. The difficult part here is correctly connecting the wires, and after that you should be ready to go.

How To Enhance Your Battery Powered Security Camera With Single Charge?

  • Be certain that your surveillance system with long battery life is operating with the most recent firmware version.
  • If you want the battery powered security camera to have the longest possible battery life, change the resolution settings from clear to fluent.
  • Make sure the security camera with the longest battery life is set up to capture shorter recordings.
  • To cut down on the number of false alarms and motion events, schedule certain days and zone certain areas of interest, such as the front entrance, the doormat, and the windows. It enhances the battery life of the camera due to less recordings.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor so that it meets your demands for safety while producing fewer false positives.
  • Place the little wireless camera that has a long battery life in an area with low traffic to minimize as much as possible the presence of frequent animals and automobiles.
  • Ensure that the long-lasting battery life security camera is installed in well-lit regions.
  • Make sure that the field of view of your camera is focused only on the local region of concern and that as much of the action in the background as possible is blocked out.
  • If your camera is going to be put outside, you should steer clear of areas that will have direct sunlight throughout the day.
  • Keep away from any bright surfaces in the area, such as the windows of a home or a vehicle, since they might cause the motion detector to go off.
  • To get a stronger WiFi connection, position the camera with the longest battery life closer to the router.
  • If your camera has poor Wi-Fi reception due to the various physical impediments that are present in your house, you may consider installing a Wi-Fi range extender.


1. What is battery operated camera?

There are two subcategories of battery-operated cameras. Firstly, some cameras need a power outlet to connect to the base station. However, the cameras wirelessly connect to the base over wifi.

Secondly, some cameras are completely wire-free. They need wifi signal to connect and work.

2. What is a hard-wired camera?

These cameras need wiring to be done inside the walls and must be installed near the power source to be plugged in. These cameras are less versatile and limit your use.

3. Do Wireless Cameras Require Internet Access?

Taking videos with wireless cameras requires that it stays connected to your network and tracks signals. During a wireless connection disruption, your mobile device cannot receive the feed from your wifi security camera, which can become a big concern when it comes to safety.


By now, you should realize that everyone wants the best wireless camera with long battery life that meets their needs, and you should know how to find one that meets all of them.

Soon, you’ll be able to watch the property from wherever you are, offering you some valuable peace of mind.

Taking that leap into your wireless future is a thrilling experience. All you have to do is close your eyes and realize that you will be moving towards a better, more convenient life with long battery life camera.

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